It’s funny what you can spew without knowing it as spew.

All work has stopped as soon as the Meisner first DVD started last night while Helen was working. Becca won this two disc 9 12 hour acting course where Sandy Meisner has some hole in his throat so he can talk because he was a chimney smoker and you can learn acting from him sounding like Darth Vader and still smoking in the class.

I know I haven’t been smoking, but Becca gave me a pack of smokes on my birthday and yesterday I finished the last one…. then dipped into her pack for a night cap. So I quit. I won’t buy them, I won’t bum them. But if they are given to me, it looks like I wasn’t able to ration them at all but aspire to do so one day. I fucked up my face anyways, it looks way more fucked up in the mirror now.

The day I made a dailies list, I really took them seriously. But it’s been two days and I’ve never been more lethargic in my life. That’s an over exaggeration.

Becca’s dad sent her pizza and beer money and I bought the beer a few days ago at Walgreens where they were only letting 10 people in the store at a time, and there was a line out the door. So when I got in I went all out a bit. 4 bags of chips and 24 miller high life, and 1 6 pack of Lagunitas IPAs, beer for 4, for a month. I’m not drinking nearly as much as I used to.

Talked to Jack while waiting in line. Jack probably got hired at FB so it’s sweet he’s moving to NY again.

[[ LOL day late and a dollar short ]]

You’ll wish you had a sandbag \

her revenge is long and lazy \

what a poem can do, what a poem can’t

Meisner DVDs Cleaning and Pizza Inc

2020-03-27 19:11:03 -0400 EDT

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