WED 1057 AM

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FRANZEN GOT BACK TO US. Jack and I are very happy. You should go meet your favorite people, right now. Do it. Contact them. Be yourself. Be ridiculous, funny, and loving. I won’t log what Franzen said to us just in case he’s reading poliwat. I doubt it though, he didn’t seem to figure out the .at part 😝 at the end of the url.

Turns out I’m the clueless one,


I forgot again

I was reading the response email while a piano adaption of the Mulan theme played. In the best courtyard on campus, overlooking the music center. I should go into work right now at the office, but it would be more wise to polish off and send those Jimmothy Leary sites to Tyler.

Left half of my face is currently numb. It will last a few more hours. I have a lunch date with Prue at Zoccoli’s at 1pm, then I’m booking a cruzio room to record her ancient healing instrument.

It’s very strange drinking coffee when half your face is numb.

I’m excited, it looks like we may get the theatre space for free for performing the Sims Sims.

made this for Stefan and in between helping Jordan move. He’s got a lot of stuff! Yesterday and today I experienced a huge spike in exercise. Biked up the hill to campus this morning. We also woke up early to hangout on the cliff overlooking the ocean (E oB and Stefan).

Slept over at Jordan’s last night because we were helping him move stuff until about 1 AM. Very sleep deprived, happy, and hungry! Going to pump out these sites for Tyler, then get the h5 from my place.

-=-=-==-=-=–==-=–=-=-=-==-=–=-= -=-=-==-=-=–==-=–=-=-=-==-=–=-= -=-=-==-=-=–==-=–=-=-=-==-=–=-=

1155 am

Possible TSS music for us, my friend E o B wrote it and showed it to us last night. I recruited them all to Jimmothy Leary, and we practiced on it, as well as a great bass line tune Ian’s got.

E o B


wed 414 pm


Project MKUltra

Wed 453 pm

Back home

It was hard to stay awake today. Great lunch with Prue. She’s going to contribute with the time capsule as well. At this point I’m inviting a select group of my favorite people and asking them to play 1-3 items in. They don’t have to venture to the initial ceremony either. But they will be invited in 20 years time.

Going to read peter’s essays and do some legal simpli work for Jordan. Kate and Ross are kicking butt deep cleaning the post house!


553 pm

hideas session:


I keep wanting to make trippy videos

so I might do that tonight

or visualize my guitar :)


wed 904 pm you cannot have light days without the dark

and it is darkest at dawn

Meet your favorite author 🔥😌💌

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