Chicago Wholefoods 12:18

Come a long way

  1. threshold experience
  2. tummo
  3. Never walk away from your father
  4. You can’t push a string
  5. You waste time existing
  6. copy pasta
  7. hide behind your memes
  8. Strong people are destroyed by feeble individuals
  9. I have never met another human being so thoroughly committed to his own self-destruction as are you
  10. Everybody knows how to throw fists at others’ faces, but very few know how to receive them
  11. She’s the one
  12. Because I’m learning disabled
  13. Processing.
  14. empathy
  15. the dying man never sees the approaching train
  16. Every single day of your life that you are not learning music, you are wasting your life
  17. How do you manage to be so intelligent and so stupid at the same time?
  18. If you don’t learn how to cook, you will be thrashed by your husband
  19. You will not have a roof to stay and I will ensure that you will be out on the streets with nowhere to go
  20. if anybody, you should love yourself
  21. be crazy about yourself
  22. self respect
  23. you can’t make someone happy, they have to choose happiness
  24. you need to cut the ties
  25. tell chad I’m a fan
  26. you’re the best thing that has happened to me next year
  27. SO the bitch eat what her friend vomits
  28. life isn’t GTA
  29. maybe you should start eating more
  30. it’s never goodbye it’s see ya later
  31. google your interviewer
  32. will never feeled rested again
  33. life is a curveball
  34. interior semiotics hyperinterior cubehtaccess
  35. 0-0
  36. The laws of niddah


- Simulation of different perspectives:
  • The laws of niddah
  • interior semiotics

Album title playground No. 1234567890

never goodbye it’s see ya later

Calm down troll now

Never A Straight Answer

Legend of Dulce

-=-=-=-=- OK CUPID

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