whispers ‘he went to poliw.at’


Recorded 4 songs today, finally got two ^^^^^^ for &&&&&&

why cause it feels good?
feels good to hate?
feels good to what?

feels goo.

what is the ideal daily budget for SF

prolly $40 bucks a day
so that's 1200 month
and so if rent is 400
then I need to be making STOP
just live your life
but you're homeless
and your mom doesn't want you

hits vape
its the SAD diet
the standard american diet
that thing that was before
that thing that diet was before  
hits vape
sorry this is level two
after chemtrails
that means in order to understand this
you need assume chemicals release
through planes above us influence us in so many ways
so hello plane above
in my lifetime girl had some next to think
I pray another ancient alien comes out above
in my lifetime it's been happening to humans for years
like you can't be rich without another human being poor
being rich was never cool to begin with
being rich was never cool
I know I fell for it
can't have a rich car without millions with none
I know I fell for it
lil Bermuda in the tumbleweed scared her on the freeway
mamma don't want me back when I work its a convoy
and that con-voyage adjustment just made me
joyous challenged and deep on
chorus changed and keep on

chorus changed then kept thon
fresh intern at maker mart
you're looking at a fresh intern at the maker mart

whole group gym on days off and no spanking
made adjustment

whether it's algilmation or something in between
the assumption that
10 cancer causing chemicals
happen in second hand smoke

this dumb bitch loves hip hop
oh yeah that's right I shouldn't sin
if sinning was never forget
basic bitches love trap
basic bitches love hiphop

who says you can't call a group anything
without being a racist
bunch of strategic people
trying to make you racist
kendrick said it best
I'll paraphrase that
you don't need to be a genius
to know they're all lying to you

you really believe that shit?

if something smells

I feel like in 100 years
people are going to be stretching all the time

freddy mehbraian
sitting here blessed
no really Im blessed

im blessed 

Mamma Dont Wanna Talk but I Gotta Check

2020-01-23 18:53:35 -0800 -0800

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