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There’s a fat gap in the log right now. Moving to San Mateo has been a little life changing, and when life’s good I tend to not write as much. But now it’s time to hunker down and focus on a strong tracklist for the poliwat debut.


  1. She Breaking Glass Ceiling
  2. Grasshopper my Grasshopper
  3. Internet will not be homogenized
  4. Trapt in the Womb
  5. Lessons from the Drunk Shaman
  6. no fun zone

  7. Life is a sacred circle

  8. I am a spliff

  9. I index from 0

  10. Lois Betts Funeral - God Bless You 3:16 Betts Family Reunion Marquetteiquette

  11. Eyes Closed Like A Jedi Red Eye 11:47 Michael’s iPhone Voice Memos Voice Memo 0 3

to do

send omari out make 1 hour vj set finish between the world and me schedule jack for a 1 hour video :) / 1 hour song :)

song write for poliwat

what about the founding daughters?

Main Quests And Album Track List

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