the more you bounce

the more you bounce

wow I set up all to write and everything and it all fell apart my laptop is on fire right now it can barely deal it looks like.

|| looks like I can’t write anymore :D oops ||

oh yeah my album came out and I don’t feel anything I feel numb to it’s release, sent it just to friends, nothing much else really to promote it.

oh well I think it’s going to be important in the future to include it in the feed

we just finished a nice sandwhich bar lunch and finishing full metal jacket, we started it last night.

it’s just been me helen and becca for everything, it’s been a really fun holiday :D.

us three spent the evening on the roof for hours listening to the warmest New york tunes as the fireworks exploded around us on all sides.

I can’t write anymore, I gave it up for cooking. Have I been cooking much lately? At least once a day something is prepared :D

Not super stoked on my album because it isn’t nearly as good as I imagined I could do, but it’s the best I can release right now. I am working with becca on live and we are having a lot of fun breathing a whole new life into those songs.

|| this laptop’s too hot to think I believe :D It’s a sunday, and the first sunday I have had in a while that illicit’s a break, you know one of those days you just take off? I’m going to try and make sure to do that every Sunday. Played the kompletel kontrol keys and becca joined and we did a live practice of next time I go out with me on keys now and yeah can’t write cause I’m a rusty goose, been taking too many days off from journaling. It really puts you n the dark a bit about your emotions if you aren’t journalling! Hard to notice it but when you do you know. || Listening to Atom Heart Mother and everything here is building into something of a magical life and I am writing in Gina’s room cause she went to cape cod

Madrigal Fourth

2020-07-05 16:15:00 -0400 EDT

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