my fav YT channels are all about freewrites

all about the assaults on freedom

when there’s more freedom than anything

if you know how to dodge subversion

and if you know how things outside your perception

affect your cognition

we we have millions of people

in the line of thought that our freedoms are being stripped

and what not being able to say nigger or fag unless its in a rap song or you are that

or not being able to show support for a dem if you’re a repub

if you’re a retard or a libtard

the only open degree of walking towards something bigger than tall buildings

and strangers and weird happenings

where the somewhere between the concrete commute and frequencies

we get more docile populace with always strangers displaying random acts of ultra violence

only whiffed through posters, apps, and sirens

well thats what freedom looks like

you are in complete control

sure there’s a lot of subversive pressure and subliminal messages

that stop you from

that you let stray you further from the goals till the point

you’re not so sure they were your goals

that was past you

not you as it stands today

knee deep in debt commute

living for the ‘weekend’

and the moment you start to make progress

you’re tossed back in the grinder

until that beutiful moment

after showcasing a boring retirement

your last words

my dads last words were

help I can’t breath

what will your last words be?

what does freedom look like to thee?

these are the kinds of questions I want to ask the kids I teach daily

kindergarten it’s too early

but 4th and fifth grade could probably answer more truthfully

than half these wall street zombies

either your dressed up and you feel like shit or you’re dressed up and you’re rich and feel like shit

outside the new york stock exchange

no one smiles

no one looks happy

though many are on their phones,

I hope are at least sending smiley emojis

and the sluts and the butts and the immigrants are truer than hollywood could ever bastardize profit from then abandon

it’s them not you not us they’ve championed

into the whole old people call it the rat race but it doesn’t have a name

aside from there are no excuses and no one to blame

but yourself for not doing it now

living your best story

living your dreams

caring about something

caring about everything

it’s not the 5G towers fault

that you stopped displaying

anything outside docile predictable words and behavior

oh please brother

get to the Dominican Republic

hit a real beach for once

instead of this poisioned mosh pit of manhattan

Im signing out I have more work to do

during each break I spew

sometimes it hits my chest

most just makes me feel the finite number of beat hits the heart makes in a day

when your born with the curse of infinite mind inhabited by a finite body,

you have no one to blame

but yourself



2020-10-28 17:27:23 -0400 EDT

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