fuck this month is only about mental physical spiritual health n growth

and fuck my work

when it’s been only the death of me

and I still get stuff done

and got 50 gigs of converterd vhs tapes today

and started fresh edit on cuz brian’s keys and poetry he sent

and edited 3 pac 0 hoots is dead more it’s almost ready for spotify as possibly a single

and read the influencing machine

and patient zero is so important

symptoms occurred 3 days after

the rise of the industrial age

some invisible forces are controlling

you your thoughts and those around you

and people have been diagnosed with that

for a long time

and most of the time

a weak sense of self is a reason why

the media(plural) in america

started out chalk full of lies

and there is no one conspiracy

yet human nature is to conspire

and a one world government

can be utopia or dystopia

depending on how it’s constituted

and almost bought a bottle of wine

and instead watched a carl jung doc

and wrote notes

and wrote poetry like

I live in a world where…

my father is my senses

my mother is outside all my perception

and I am the one!

everyone concludes eventually I am the one!

I am the one of many

my interpretation as powerful

as the intended lesson

and whoever is on the other

side of the curtain

thank you

fuck you

I love you

and never, ever come out

stay there and

keep them they their puppets coming

is what I’m thinking

in rehab lying

on the studio floor

during intermission

in front of this donkey kong plush pillow

I am the one !

I am the one not being tricked

into thinking I am thinking clearly!

If you’re not thinking clearly

when you’re not yourself

tricks can be played on you

like living without myth

like a human mutilated


my soul passed in a neutrino(fx)

ecstasy this will pass

suffering this will pass

addiction this will pass

desire this will pass

desire sexually this will pass

desire intellectually this will pass

desire materially this will pass

as a matter of fact

what will stay when this will pass

these words will pass

what will you stay?

who will stay when this will pass

who will stay when I pass?

this will pass

that will pass

they will pass

my dreams will not pass

my dreams will last

my passions will pass

and my dreams will last

my dreams don’t pass

my dreams won’t pass

I fall asleep all I see is my dreams

I wake up all I see is my dreams

no my dreams won’t pass

lying on studio floor so I don’t drink

and writing this because

my desire will pass

and my dreams will last

my passions will pass,

my dreams will last

Loose Ends 50 Steps Ahead Rehab D8ish

2019-08-08 00:34:52 -0700 -0700

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