I'm sorry
but you have to
live in the song for years
to reap its benefits


Had a great date day at Brighton beach!

first time I played angel
after a shower
sported an open button up bare chest and blazer
exposing the malachite necklace niko gave me and damn
no one has gotten so much from a necklace
becca made rick's famous beef strog

We biked about 18 miles and now I know how easy it can be
when there's a lot of passion for little russian for me
can only write in verse is my curse

you let me play angel now let me play devil call it a full day
listening to my lost tape

like the good ole days
Friday night and give mommy a break

stooop scribbles after jasmin’s

premiere of ‘when the sky darkens’

'Ima do something bad today'
at prospect park shouting at the pond at dusk

What's schizo about making sense out of noise cuz
when you can hear sentences
Out of the washing machine running

your noggin crossed wires

Connections only for the preceptor
that schizoprenic professor?

It looks like she's doing a switch back towards a religious lifestyle
zig zag zig zag

smoke sessions broke lent
Started as a crippled baby
Just to become successful maybe
celebrated integrated
and taken for granted

When you clean in your house
think of the tree that falls in a rain forest
If the tree falls in the rain forest and no one sees it, did it fall?
Clean when others are around, ya'll

Roaring 20's
Sweet time to be alive
In end times in feeds
Like we ate poison
for first two generations
It's a wonder we still alive
Raise a glass to new times
New good ones with you
Let pains of past subside
Learning Russian
Just to be out grown by bots
Harashi conrad bylats

Shame who came in the rain
Left to quick to feel the pain
Of staying we chilled a lot
Now the times gone I got
secrets to keep
confession booths lined up

Brooklyn life Waiting in line
Just to get a good spot
Day at the beach
But cant swim in the water
Less you want an itch like
Luke I'm your father
Predicted next president's death
Didn't happen again
Oh shit what next

I did it again
From going ham on this marathon till the roof bends the room spins
Eyes wide while asleep friend
All busy and sus
Dont look at me like Im getting on the bus
Isn't complete till it's all farce
God gotta a place for sugar naughts
Instead of psychonauts
I miss when I get back to the woods
Forget me not
Die by their hands then you think it's my own son
If I keep rapping like a broke woke savant
Why genius a disorder in public schools
Wise men left n said school for fools
Learn by doing
Perfect by acting
Till it's in your blood and bones
Too simple an answer
Over their heads
End of the day dads dead
And no bars n bar crawl'll get him back
Sample Cumberbatch as Frankenstein
Tiil my lungs couldn't hold my lines
Walk round the block for a new light
End up seeing more Frankensteins
Stars in us spies among us
Theres a hole in every wall
Each call is tapped
Each artist you've heard of is rapped
In I finally made It yeaaahhhhhhh
Made a living that's my excuse
Now let's rap with a noose
Kev said it best
Get a fucking noose
Rap it round your neck
get fucked up
And listen to Lewis black

When high wish I was black
Aids was targeted against the blacks
Like so many other black ops in your head
Heard bullshit at the grocery store
So only get veggies man
Where immigrants work hard
keep they masks on
and head down
and don't speak English no more
Outa respect for a rebellion
I love and don't support it
A civil war was never civil
Cali roots over kumbaya n s'mores
What you want some more?
Hand outs
Went from bawling on a dollar for weeks till my stimulus check
ate her out so easily she paid rent
I'm too crass so I rap for lent
Shit thought I was done
Just getting started assaulted simile abuses as if its simple speak
Same words in verse n over the years
With new meaning
So fuck me for forgetting daily dreaming
Spent third of my life sleeping
Seeing past present future at the same time lucid dreaming
always forgetting

Quit cold Turkey
Till she break it off
Now I'm smoking till I dizzy
Why the best bitches leave me
While wanting to support me
Ask myself
if self destructive tendencies
is up to code for Phoenix rising

Full moon rising
What's your sign now your asking
I think you're plastic
Chilling with three chicks
Acting brash and loud
On a balancing ball
Till I get excused
To write bad raps by myself
Drink myself to death
Said DNA that done and did that
All my dads dads before me
He got cooked on vicodin
Used to bum them off him
Now hes gone I got his last tin
But no papers to write
So I'm not taking
College was a joke the way I poked
Every know it all up the nose
In a blink find their weakness
Most feared or fame ambitions
Most common
Achilles heel ain't so common
Until you make your own music
And program yourself
For a better life
Born and gone
Dads debt gifted to my mom
cause at the end of the day
She's stressed no matter how hard I shine

most writers today
look at me
I reworded from nameless sources
and made bank
meanwhile I write gold off the top
of the dome smelling like dank
though didn't smoke this time
not reliant mic
kind of night

shame you didn't leave the house
cause of the rain
wiped the bike seat with a sleeve
mind emptied on the lake

no one to blame
since day 1
of seen enough

called a demon a pussy in a
quouji ceremony
then life as I knew it fell apart
landlord lost my rent check
evidence saved me in i message
fuck you I'm leaving
this mountain of 50 acres
to work setup and take down
that banquet pussy
sus kinda sissy
all my exes miss me
more than they miss themselves
all fixed up in good health
too slow for me in no belt
not another notch counted can't tell
first aided them with my smell
she too pale oh well
who gives a shit bout that
when your brains pure magic
god's creation who could top that?

so say what you feel and be what you preach
lotta casualties on the path to teach
phone full say la veeee
typed this one hand that's me

other paw on russian chicken cutlet in Brooklyn
can't fuck my vibe up
had a reputation for a silver tongue for years now
people catchin up it's finally doing favors

fuck your behavior
who acts like that
all of us at some point
in adolescence
zone out when they preach transcendence
find it on your own without sewage
of other minds
eye on the prize
10 are now dead
for everyone one of you still alive

lotta silver tongues later
she addicted to my flavor
I hide n seek then leave
its a game I don't play
I'm faithful I got faith
can't export this
but wanna extort this
most celebrities are dead and a clone
followed by sheep go home
whens last time i gave a fuck
about what you thought you cuck

get cucked by me
with this literacy
 on any beat
 or no beat
 doesn't matter you're pulling over
 to hear each bar over bad tranny in your car

 get with this
 shrek with it
 I'm making waffles
 We wearing goggles

 //sandstorm DDR max 300

a choker just means
down to do it all around the world
so it seems
but for those that ride the exception
only ones I give keys to ignition

faulty setup
for a quick buck
just to say your rhymes suck
so fuck you true true
tom hanks saying true true
changed my life in ways beyond bars
n flows and materialists materialized
with cars bought on credit or cash
both just as gay
FBI laughing all the way to the bank
inventing mumble rap you think's dank

I'm white I know where they come from
Stanford campus on acid
eat daily salad

if you don't then
look up
cucumber's on the beat








Little Russia Big Beach Dreams

2020-05-13 00:13:32 -0400 EDT

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