Friday 156 PM

ALright alright alright I’m behind schedule, like aslways.

I’m Always late.

And that’s fine, but check it out!

Just got back from Nipomo last night with craig in my dad’s van.

Audio I got back home: Mila drumming talking and trying to sing, bonnie on russian/french/tlc songs, mom and dad on life, some old mom cassettes she made in 1981.

Why the fuck do messages not send out right now?

friday 403 pm

really feeling that niccy rage

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Friday 602 pm

Damn son ! David Dunn !

He recorded 28 channels, a half mile of lake and I CANT WAIT TO HEAR THAT….

I love these civilian public transports

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Friday 6:27 PM

Can I live with you Can I have some canned food

Damn I gotta pee on the 17 and its making me just sit in this radio show god damn it

fuck I can’t think I can’t work I can only hold my pee for the rest of this bus ride .

I know me .

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Friday 748 PM


The sample ‘microexpressions’

Life Summed Up In A Series Of Hail Marys And Looking For Love While Window Shopping

2018-04-27 13:56:06 -0700 -0700

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