mountain top be the mountain pine that resides,
be the mountain itself, not the pine
but even the pine doesn't mind
it grows without need for mind
it thinks left wait or right
it grows all the time
it grows without mind

Woke up great Rhye sesh

Helen thought she gotta stimulus but she just got paid for work

made mcmuffins mic style

== microseductions ==


Do not buy books find you.s

witty men with scarred livers came over

Until high above, an oboe!!!

ahahaha watching Amadeus


Craig was shaking his chlamydia pills on zoom



glen greenwald


After the fact:

Endorphins from songs
if songs were phones

and phone were....

not at the dinner table!
if dinner meant food
without stamps
if endorphins were habit

Our attitude must be that of the mountain pine as mentioned above: It does not get annoyed when it's growth is obstructed by a stone, nor does it make plans about how to overcome the obstacles. It merely tries to feel whether it should grow more to the left or to the right, toward the slope or away from it. Like the tree, we should give in to this almost imperecptible, yet powerfully dominating impulse- an impulse that comes from the urge toward unique, creative self realization. And this is a process in which one must repeatedly seek out and find somethign that is not yet known to anyone. The guiding hints or impulses come, not from the ego, but from the totality of the Psyche: The Self. - Man and His Symbols

Do something uniquely your own

Is it particle is it a wave
it is both it is light
best eyesight, microscopes for eyeglasses

beaming binocular beaming through that eight

fucked her into the light,
fucked her psychic nucleus all night

mountain top the mountain pine resides,
be the mountain itself, not the pine

don't worry of monuments in your name
it's all you just the same

Lawrence Stimulus With a Bunk Ankle

2020-04-15 11:49:20 -0400 EDT

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