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Podcast Monitization with Jen Briney of The Congressional Dish Podcast

The people here


Earth aliens

Happily ever Aftermath

Happily ever Aftermath

Youtube Lunch and coder

Cam just told me about this

united vote

No Agenda Podcast

No Agenda Podcast

Ragnar Lodbrok

update this is the smarted MB I’ve seen in a while

MB, might lead the ThinkTank

If you ever wanted to scan police radios

If you ever wanted to scan police radios

for years, I have virtually done the opposite of this article with poliwat.

Pay With Bitcoin

What does 1000 people saying ‘I hate ads sound like’

It might sound like ‘iLike ads’


Tuesday 1034 PM


Tuesday 1141 PM

Just hoped onto bart station at 14th.

Had a wonderful time with ted gus cam. They are too smart, too inspiring. I love them. We are all recording on Saturday at the station! I’m glad I just booked it :D.

Moving along, let’s get back to this podcast meetup.Jen, has a cluttered crazy evernote and she hires a VA to go through and turn into something useable for the website.

I’ve been doing all the right actions, wrongly. Very very wrong.

Also I thought the poliwat audio journal site was so new - while in reality it can be seen as an average tumblr. I don’t backspace nearly as much tho.

From now on I will listen to that article on soundcloud. I need to define my genre I supposed too. I’m getting good feedback on the show so far, what’s working and what isn’t.

Today I drove all the way to the station to get the audio - going to put it all online tomorrow. Maybe even tonight unless I phizz out :)

I bought some cigarillos cause I’m trying this 1 meal a day thing. And it worked the first two days, and has broken today. I had a second meal with Cam, we made the fanciest salad with #$%^&$%^&* ….. who cares it was delicious.

We decided that the cashier at was french Canadian, and while checking out she would combine english and Spanish in the most mesmerizing way. ‘Nature’s Best Groceries’ in downtown Oakland is a lie at best when it comes to food, but the people in there were gems. Plus the salad was bomb.

A 50 minute bart ride back to Milbrae and I’m going to grab my car.

I snuck on again and should’ve not swiped my card lol. Milbrae at night is easy to sneak off of though. It’s fun, you get to know the stations and their varying degrees of difficulty for sneaking in.

Even on the day of the women’s march, with all the padded security, I saw a few opportunities to sneak. If you were Aladin. I played it safe because it was the Women’s March. You don’t want to add any extra attention / tension / stress on employees on a day like that.

I can only hope I’m getting better. I took one small puff and got the pefect amount of a low level intoxication. I was more focused on not being a crazy ass, as I have proven myself in the past with threes company.

I’m reading Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot. Paul keeps sending me Jordan Peterson videos.

-=-=- he said she said -

he said [statistic]

she said [statistic]

he said [statistic]

she said [statistic] -=-=-

Did I already say this? Did a random dance class at the Y two mornings ago and FUCKED UP MY BACK. omg. couldn’t get out of bed this morning, it hurt too much. Plus I gotta buy coffee.

Pete’s Dark Roast.

This week is going by quickly, and it’s fairly obvious what I have to do tomorrow.

Tomorrow and Wednesday that is.

In short, the next two days are solely devoted to Finish Episode 1 and Launch Website.

Fuck me I need to read. Bye


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