911 AM

Freewrtie moment of silence for 911

Showed up to the city and immediately dropped our stuff in the new room with the three big windows facing the street and went to Panny’s Bday party in cooper park. I woke up on the river in a hammock in IDK pennsylvania and drove straight into this shit hole. From now on I want to always make sure I spend a day on the water, the day before moving back into any city.

Birthday party was fun, as helen said it was going to be us and all of Pandora’s work friends, and 4 teachers I used to teach with until I got Covid were there as well. The third grade teacher Jacob setup three slacklines and I showed him the game where you try and knock each other off. I got his number we’re going to meetup this week or later to slackline in some other park. I wish I filmed this shit but didn’t film at all since getting here. Too much craziness and exhaustion, and IDK where my camera is.

Last night mixed ‘bring it online’ and though it isn’t what I want it to be, I just have to ship it. I passionately told Melik about how whenever I sit down at a computer, it’s all about what assets can I uniquely make/get- whether it’s .wav .mov etc.

About to go Grocery shopping in 10 minutes cause I have to move the car. Antonio is going to jump in the back on the bed.


a cleaner that moisturizes your feet

Plug in inn wires

Late May Menthols OTM

2021-05-24 09:08:53 -0400 EDT

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