About to get picked up by https://robbieconal.com/about/robbies-bio/ || never net him or his wife Debbie but they’re so nice to pick me up !

Helen said don’t be racy ahahahaha I’m not more racy than anyone else - everyone’s racy || that’s the thing ||

Trying to get some polecat in but Im too excited to go down and take a break from Nips I can’t wait :D There’s a bunch of instruments and an interface where we’re staying so I just want to record some new music.

those things that happen that are so big we can’t fathom it, stars being born, black holes colliding, they all happen

so you can sit down with your loved one at the fire, and use the infinite to give words to your emotions. That’s why the universe is so vast sometimes. So you can say I feel a black hole in my chest every time you yada yada.

I’m a little brain dead from grief the past few days, but hopefully will be fixed by the end of the car ride. Can’t waaaaiiitiititaitiaitiatiatiaitiatiatiatiatiatiati

LA Trip Mid Awning Project

2019-12-04 12:11:23 -0800 -0800

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