wed 1044 AM

In a civil rights class with Rebecca on campus UCSC. Recording this guy, hoping for just 3 good sentences on the black panthers.

Also for next time I get high -

bill zimerman

alright alrihgt alright to do

  - edit cyrpto show,

  - finish about ++ team page for PBD

  - take CD's to library

Wed 1232 PM

Super into maps today, going to launch the pale blue map today on the website.

Also then do new to do god damn

  - finish about / mission
  - finish team pagina with niko ++ darlene
  - finish pale blue friend's masterlist
  - design sidebar
  - email for social good ++ sign contract for nonprofit 501(c)

listening to terrible trap


||kind of rainy day||

learn it


Wednesday 123 PM

write a mem map

email new radio station apply for a remote show lol

run the mem map


should I fo steal some james joyce from the library today

yeah I think so


wed 305 PM

On micro

why do I always see david dunn when I micro lol

just climbed a tree with becca, and this is how you climb a tree -

you choose a branch that is a one way trip.

a branch that is high enough and long enough that if you climb out of the tree, you can ride it completely, instead of going back

Those are some of my favorite trees to climb, cause you sort of just pass through them versus the more traditional up n down the same way.

alright fuck journaling just talked to david dunn and confirmed he’s down to come record at my house, so now I’m going to prep a little presentation for him

because he’s the only person I can be completely transparent with. that’s a poor choice of wording, it’s more like

He spent a TON of hours on some of the same stuff as me, so when two humans enter a thing like that, where you’re building up foundations, they both start right there

so when two humans enter this

way to trippy for this library righ tnow


so many nice girls in my life today I love it

this is the best

Wednesday 3:24 PM

Alright no more fucking around time to get this shit done. there’s a time, and a space


Wed 423 PM

in reality why did I just spend all day writing about pale blue dot


my currency is audio


those are my treasures

that’s the gold that funds my kingdom

So we are going to run through an hour long about us

About us episode 1:

nope that’s too far mike too out there for them

just tone it back 90%

that’s when everyone freaks out

also the ritual - the ritual of audio

how was I ignoring this jesus shit.

that’s why I love these micro days ahahaha

right now I’m recording some 3 sorrority girls - I’m bumping milo but I think they’re talking about stupid shit.

About being a pledge or whatever its called.

429 PM

OSOD is really just a declaration of a fact.

In any profession or career you find yourself pursuing, even if its being a gypsy transient.

we all die as a planet and as a species if we continue to have patents if we continue to

if we don’t open source everything



Fav gem of the day

Aside the from the tree I almost died in

it ended up being not that bad, that’s the thing.

the first time you do something, it’s so much harder.

then it’s cake.


``````````````` you don’t understand

a master document

is something you serve


wed 935 PM

eyes closed like a jedi in the midnsummer night heat eyes closed like a jedi in a midnight slump beat eyes closed red eye

everything I record will always be free everything I touch will always be free that’s me I’m free

freedom freedom freedom comes at a cost a cost of self

eyes closed


"Pale Blue . is a relaxing blend of music, humans talking, poetry, nature sounds, and all good things sonic. It's called Pale Blue Dot because it sounds like Life, the musical."
{- Niko }
"After working 40 hours in customer service, the show reminded me that there are good people in the world"
{- Kelly }

When was the last time you lost your faith in humanity?

to alleviate human suffering, promote human centric and open source philanthropy

by making good art.

creating a platform for all humans

promote a more human centric way of seeing each other

Pale blue . mission is dedicated to relieving human suffering.

Our mission is to alleviate human suffering.

human centric and open source


Everything is free or cheap.

wed 1006 pm

adrienne taught me soooo much



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