just got into andres's

and saw the electroharmonix looper
the legendary device
and I got the cash
so I was gawking at it and
the housing manager called to let me in

so god damn god damn

writing raps kiling off his whiskey
brushed my teeth with soap
wash it with whiskey
kill his bottle

do I bust it all on myself or go spoil family
whats with me
get them all a drum

everyone this christmas gets drums

more drums more drums

more sticks more thicks

never thought I was unholy

did I foresake matrimony
but best motivation always was penance
sing a song of six pence
dont over pay for that fake history
know your forbidden history
history books lie subsidies

you need to uncover the veil of truth
and prepare yourself for disapointment
the further you go the next of kin knows
but it doesn't make it to word
even past the death bed
they're too busy dying
men too busy fighting
on vidya instead of planting gardens
worlds going to hell in a handbasket
and the best ones are systematically silenced
the demons are rewarded
sacrifice and material objects
all they sing
all they dance
just to say they made it
when they never had a chance
to even know about escaping the loop
whats a dance but a preparation step for war
dancing past your last breath
and what you do after you die
and how you spent a life to hide
and hired them just to cry
in front of studio audiences
how much smart dust
do you need to start a coup
without either side
noticing you
quoras got al the questions
and only business answers
all answers are ads
and all readers are pig
all feeds are feed
like chicken feed you and me
thats why i started freestylers anonymous
hooked on phonics all of us
but its been pushed out since
onset of industry
peasants used to sing in the street
now they look dim and mean
now they look like souless
rectangle slaves
cant understand what I say
till I drop that simple speak
then they're crying their eyes out
cause I was born a clown dad
I was born a craw dad

if uncles born dispapointed
sisters born evil

let santicty bath
pave the way for better ways

open the safe just to get the weed
make the splifff
thrill is all I need today

today I submit
to social media feeds
mainstream tendencies
alien forbidden speak
today I submit to academy
currency manipulators
today I submit to
industry services
environmental pollution
today I submit to
general population
today I submit to
medications from psyhatrists
medical advice from scientist
who born bred to experiment

so law enfrocement shows
you know how it goes
you know the whole wholes hole
theres a hole in the wall
every wall theres a hole
theres a hole in the wall
theres a mole in the hole in the wall
theres a rat in a mole in the hole in the wall
theres a stipend in a rat in a mole in the hole in the wall
theres a flag in a group of stipends in a rat in  a mole in the hole in the wall
theres an attack a flag in a group of stipends in a rat in a mole in the hole in the wall
theres a  

Joshuas Apartments

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