Wed 3:29 PM


got off the phone with nick Kush, I’ll hit him up by 6 about getting a pizza job at Kianti’s in Downtown SC. Doesn’t seem that bad.

But I want audio work!!!!


I want to find out who that guy is that was at the film party.

Today is all about getting my porfolio going.

-==-=–=- tasks otra vez

    update personal website
    update pale blue dawt
    write credits for 1st ep
    figure out tom’s site
    update linkedIn
    log into right accounts across devices
    setup social media schedule



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wed 557 PM


Wed 1040 PM

I can rest a little easier tonight, got two job hookups from nick kush and also steven Rodriguez.

I can be a cabin manager at a camp for kids! I look forward to it for sure.

So I also need to schedule when I should leave for nipomo to sell chad my car. I want to do it before the play for sure, cause they I’ll have a pretty penny and have all debts paid off when the celbrations happen.

In addition I need to build up a little budget.

Oh Nick’s BFF is hooking it up with a job at Kianti’s one of the more upper class restaurants downtown. That guy I can’t remember his name but it starts with a D - and he has a sick deviant art, omg I wonder what it is. He works there. Anyways I just have to showup with my resume, tell the manager I know Mackenzie and bluff it up. I haven’t met her yet but she sounds cool.

Being a camp counselor type person for kids sounds really fucking fun.

I’ll be able to pay off this credit next week

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So check it out 450 a month is about how much food would cost at $15 a day.

find big bay area people on youtube and get them on my show

mantra of 1000


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