|| Got the keys iny my room thank you baby jesus H said I should’ve done it months ago ||

|| Spent a good part of yesterday morning getting Paleblue.fm back online, since it was on my resume. The recruiter Carolina did a last minute zoom interview with me yesterday - it looks like I got the job if I pass the background and reference checks. And I think I check out.

|| It would be a funny youtube video to walk up to a random police officer and ask them if they can look me up to know if there’s any outstanding warrants or what my record looks like. I have no clue. ||


https://www.mouchette.org/fly/flies.html ||





|| Frank is calling at noon he wants me to build him an app potentially, and then the next interiew for this wall street job is happening at 1:40PM today. ||

So now that I might have a fulltime job I better take advantage of all this time off making arrrtttttttt

Job Prospects and Daily Keys Grind

2020-10-09 10:29:48 -0400 EDT

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