jerkin off to bots (x4)

something special
me you myself ADD and irene
coadine for free havent hit it yet
this before the h 5
me and irene alive  
me and irene
voices in my head turn to tracks
tracks turn to definitions I forget
tracks turn to dust if I regret
kubrick hated fact he made clockwork orange  
hairier than all three bears with porridge


remote freewrite with becHel :



the Things get crazier the closer you get, it seems
you and me
to be or not to be
old lines new meaning
doesn't matter what you write whne you're drunk
cause that's not the real you
closer you get to drunk
less impressive the bunk
I dunk on the daily
only way to write
only way to hide
only way to try
alchie sobers you more than mom did
every before another operation
too many fragments
where do I choose
to stop writing about a noose
on the lowkey
motif from farm honey
like without a simile
imagine language without rabies

in obscure lands of the web
they call it cancer
in my main head
I call it cancer
in my gut I feel
with wim hoff method  
she reminded me
to breath
to breath in a time of need
what a lessont to preach!
but its 2k19
preaching only works on zombies
ads and derivitive
fucked up versions of feeds
you think you're life should be like thee?
where art thou art, vocabulary
no one can freestyle even when I invite them
even when I suck
even when I frestyle
no ones invited when Im on the mic
my projectile
she told me
so now I know
wouldn't have known that
if I tapped it every day
orgasms every day
voted for that today
penniless today
free today
and eleven minutes ?
even with a full plate
I got full time spare
for you
for you myself
for you myself and irene

I got full time to spare
too many lines
I'm outa time
to make a point
its the drunk in me
made me dumb
couldve enjoyed this tent sober
but friends too fun
got 3 new tracks done
so I got dumb
freestyled bunch of new shit
1 % worth it
all worth it
more than so
cause with chris and chad
we went to the next level
chris grabbed my junk I grabbed chads
and illest village had a couple more tracks
doesn't matter what free flow is
smart pop all that matters after 2020 bitch
second shores start rising
I seent the graphs
I not pecismistic
just a preparing dad
on the vibes with the composition time
compose every day even if you don't listen to it
make it to old age so you can hear it
plead the fifth for another miscarriage
of another track unfinished
suck my dick
god don't tell anyone
cause lennon got shot for less than this
a verse about being pro abortion
if she gotta
her body her choice
you gotta
pencil dick if you don't agree
said my finnish dick said 23 and me
still messaging my cousins
no one replies
they more paranoid than me
the more you know
more the reason to be paranoid baby

gov t

competing business visions
ways to drive future


you shouldn't be eating that
i know but radiation mic needs to be fed
h that looks fucked up
its a quarter pounder !

harmfgul urges
come take a seat
talk to me
ta;lk it through me
is how I talk to my feelings
we don't even have to speak
this chris hansen dateline nbc
harmful urges take a seat
what are you doing here

you said in a chat

what are you thinkng
harmful urges  


thw human and the currency

everyone gets there iss ans as s confused

Jerking Off to Bots

2019-07-23 21:06:04 -0700 -0700

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