Satdat 818 pm

just drove Brianna’s uHaul to Davis. She’s treating me to Korean BBQ and the first growler of my life.

Ironic in that she loves the growlers   

I pissed and smoked half a cig at Davis after my phone died on the way over.

today saw Paul Stamets
freestyles from Bis Sean Childish Gambino, Hopsin, Logic,

and then I freestyled my heart out.

I wanna collage a music video between myself and
a collage of songbirds and different species doing a mating call

and that's the hook as well

and its like

the whole would you forgive the
ugliest parts about me

idk tho

Cripsi and I are doing



Sundat 1253 AM

tired of holding back
holding max
holding your hand

okay google send nudies to her ima be a vegan hunter okay google send mom a message like okay google ima be a vegan hunter after I make it as a soundcloud rapper



Sundat 141 AM

I’m taking a break from radio right now

I had a breakdown


start at what Im worst at

{action: call friends, ask what Im worst at}

start at what Im bad at

{action: show evidence that I have that characteristic}

scizhos know how to correctly behave
they mostly fucking with you


whats your fav hike ever in witners its so pretty sf

hiking highway one

on trail off trail tics tick tock boom glock in my peripheral every two steps I fed up with knowing what the right way looks like some problems easy to identify pattern from gheghis khan mindset I know smoking on the corner days are ending today I know juuling on

google animal mating call videos

chad zoom in on my posture
chad Kendall on cam I must her
chad focus on my hunch back
chad locus fix my juul crack


chad I in an open casket
drawn in sand I look fantastic
in wetsuit looking at watch ( 7 )
timing myself sober in yard ( 9 )
drink drive it a game down boulevard ( 11 )
she toke it fo camera shy girls (  )
on path to good woman we don't deserve

I focus my dream come true
I chase it for truth
I chase it ruth
I dont mean to  
dot com burst yo bubble with truth

Chad I pic a shotlist
cha dlet me first tell the the track list
in order, dont forget
I index from zero
means I count from zero
so track zero is
life a sacred circle
then my number 1 I am a spliff
to my number two world my stage
to my number three she breaking glass ceiling

(comment this is too narcissistic for my taste so imma change the vibe BOOM

  Number four vibe change !!


m: is my batting average higher hers?

chad: your batting average is higher than hers.

chad I have some ideas for this song

(five finger of death)^2

25 fingers of death

you have to rap a beat over each person,

reflecting on the person (per paragragh

mention past hitory snippet/lesson current hot topic item commentary autobigraphical and emotional assessment joke and prediction of the future)

a freestyle format that if you take a leap and a step, (or a stretch and a reach) this exercise could hopefully be a way to setup the mind in a good context for assessing the past, present, and future.

^^^^ Shotlist / sketche ideas

film in woods, 25 people in total, separated a long a trail about 30 feet apart along the trail and not.

the person has to suck the finger of each person before freestlying about them, then hug em at the end.

(you honestly need to just yeah tap em when the beat starts and hug em after the beat ends )

people on the list to freestyle too

chad kevin kenzie muneerah niko { bonnie }

lessons from rap today

talk about the past present and future

another night I ignore my body another night I ignore her body late night I freestyle in the lobby quick morning I addicted to jovii flying over my house in my mind now flying cars ride my space ship ace of plays in the plays of ace house full she on deck I digress 50 games of chess with this one you’re a wizard you’re insane I’ve never seen woman so snark so crass last dance like whys it so good like whys everytime we fuck its as if its the last

she love me cause ui like to talk to everyone

hate cause i talk to everyonr

first mike of 50 shades:


dont subscribe I make these for me lets crowdsource my psychology lets get therapy through youtube lets make our own social media a movement not a notion common sense not promise schizoptypal friend like Thomas dont trust no ends

first of the 50 shades I love you this a shout out to all those I love and cherish and behold !

like the best kept secret we dont have enough resources to have everyone do what they want since we on pillow then blanket statements most front like they want truth but prefer I’m the first to admit

sundat 604 pm

still on moving but when I get back

day 1 is assement of body, mind and spirit, with pictures

ics of my scratches
vids of my body

just brutal assesment

the best rappers never talk

they just rap

like def

I dont care about you
cause I too busy
too many things to care about
to many things to cry about

to many reasons to try without

clip of me


let me show you what you hear then tell you what I hear

bread pasta rice tortillas BUNS

###no sugar !!

wh cause I question bukowskis legitimacy in a moral conundrum picking up a scrip for my mom at the pharmacy

J to J Season Finale in Davis

2018-09-01 20:17:41 -0700 -0700

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