205 PM

today I’m mastering pop

got a solid workout in

I’m a new member at the Y! The pool was closed so I couldn’t swim but did a solid workout among the exercise balls and strectch bands.

Jack too addy daddy and I’m going to finish fucking omari and get a client TODAY.

and practice more russian

what would you do for your art?


the city is challenging my morals

313 pm

finish site by 4pm hard deadline.

what makes regagge regagge?

421 pM


Going to turbo clean to the Weekend now

522 PM

Today is a big day. A very big day

I am deleting many unfinished audio projects

and starting fresh

with a new goal in mind

To make the most compelling and emotional music I can make



Its Fun To Stay At The YMCA

2017-10-10 14:05:15 -0700 -0700

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