just got back from bonnie and pauls a nice bbq paul made ribs on my dads dime - and it was dope bonnie asked my beliefs and it turned into this huge long thing that made the 3 hours to cook the ribs on the bbq feel like 3 minutes, and now that she wrote down all my beliefs I’d like to see them, so I’ll get a snap of that next time I see her. in the meantime I’m not full exhausted by any means - but getting there cause working at brian’s was tough and well shit he didn’t call and I suppose I should’ve called lol

but you know what

someone is addicted

and somehow someone is obsessed with a screenplay

so who cares about money

when the ‘love of it is the root of all evil’

is evidence the bible was written by the devil

cause god would never say and if god did say something that applied to everyone in every context as a whole it would probably sound more like

‘money is the root of all evil’

we don’t need money

we did for a little while

and it was great! (like me ex jk lol….)

now that we have the internet we don’t need money

no shit sherlock

whose on this ship

slow and fast lets all go

full send

to something way different

more beautiful

and without corporations

you know what I’m saying !

open source or die

meaning open source everything

but the suitcase codes

in the fastest amount of time

with the least amount of energy spent

and do it now

robert sapolsky’s research shows us that

dramatic chance can occur within one generation

if other generations before us lived different, that’s wonderful

we should always live different in each generation

that’s what makes us unique communally and in the community

and that’s what makes individuals unique through their perspective lens

Its 1027 and Im by Myself

2019-07-29 22:27:41 -0700 -0700

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