Tuesday 9AM

Todays another train all day situation. This is Day 1 of L is C.

Can’t talk about it yet.

tuesady 955 PM


Tuesday 730 pm

for the good chocolate.

gift it with audio

to these 10 rappers

the good chocolate.wav

with a SICK sample kit


I believe

nature, critters, and

I just balanced on an exercise ball showing a baby how to punch with punching gloves on.

"They know I know I'm blitzed, but I cannot stop. This manual reminds me to allow myself to allow myself to write terribly."

All humans can identify what is wrong with this passage. If you cannot, then it is yeah I’m way too fucking high

baby monitor audio

It Only Gets Harder

2017-11-21 08:59:15 -0800 -0800

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