Friday 229 PM

Goals for July

Release Sound Library

Michael Betts Sound Library - Vault 36

( I call it vault 36 cause it’s the soorce material for a bigger project )

Mantra of a thousand What could I do 1,000 times

for example how long would it take for me to do 1000 pushups? 1000 confucious canoes ?


1 scheduled interview

30 instrumnetals available for download / buy

finish 30 minute set -

Produce 4 videos

Each day, starts at filming at the chapel or beyond ?

Get a job job


what’s the best move for all my friends and I ?

I think saying in SC and producing the play here in SC Friday 243 PM

life as an assasin this is my hit list :

laster hit list:

av bag - lights , leds - lasercut sd card holder - power bank for charging E V E Y T H I N G QUICKLY

  • - backup poliwat - -


Friday 516 pm

congolese guitarist

== music on

friday 718 PM

Back of the car with kenzie / muneerah ahahaha

Can I write a journal stlye log for a second?

How’s life been what I ate how about the people in my life

— common pop progessions ===

There’s just 4 major producers that dom the radio

producing the new standard

the producer

Call for shows play at subrosa l o l

can I even be honest with myself here on poliwat ?

What do I want in life ?

well this year it looks like this

another play with jack

apply to grad schools

(every year the past three years I seem to find an excuse to take longer on school but now I feel ready for the necessary prep work )

The reason my GPA is on the low side is because

During and after my undergrad

start a media company

start a nonprofit

Produce a play tour with a band

This month in July

10 products online store

30 beats online

30 sample packs available online

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poliwat log 1

finish plot


Iphone Iphone Iphone Organize

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