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1. Instrumental

89 BPM

Chord Pallette

F# G Em A E C#m C# FNm Bm G# F C D# DNm D B GNm

(matt /jack playing congas in jack’s studio, michael with microhpone) formatted like”

the internet will not be brought to you by facebook targeted ads algorithms that deliver you goods via drone strike before you think you want it yet

Internet service providers will not be the gatekeepers ISPs will not throttle thoughts ISPs will not data discriminate poor people will have the same internet as the rich the internet is a human right that’s the 31st amendment on the bill of rights we just haven’t wrote it yet put that generation in charge

for those of you that don’t know buzz feed that the modern day simple speak 1984 sold out since trump got prophecy

but if you gotta pay extra for the cheese then

the internet’s sites will not be bundled and throttled as a pay-per-package system the internet will remain in control of the people

Game of thrones

dan harmon’s podcast will not cost extra we will not care when the next rick and morty ep comes out if it costs an extra 40 bucks a month to access adult swim

the internet will remain free and open

tim berner’s lee is

article 31 of the bill of rights will state the free and open internet is a human right

pay monthly access

pay by packages and

the internet will not be bottlenecked bullied beaten by ISP’s and controlled for profit the internet will not be the next tv

the internet will not be bad for the soul

5 50 and 15 year olds regardless of income will be able to access all sites lord willing

amazon prime delivered via drone before you think to order it the internet will not go down to corporations

the internet brings the poorest with more information than the raegan administration the internet brings the first real equalizer in thousands of years since club were first used

the internet will be free and open a human right like the ocean or woods the internet will not suffer because suffering folks are in charge of the white house

the internet will never be a complete safe space, brave space rat race the internet will not be a rat race the internet will remain in the power of the people and the people in the power of the internet will choose

tim berner’s lee will not die to a 404’d noose

the internet will not be brought to you as pay-per-access site, cnn

bloggers will always be assholes

don’t mean to dot com burst your bubble but the internet will remain open, 247, except when the servers crash from DDos attacks but that’s old school news now that software will be pirated and used for creative means until they make money then they will buy the software the internet will not be homogenized the internet will not be privatized the internet will not be categorized by tier pay-per-package bundles steam and google and youtube will always be the same price Dear FCC, the internet is not a TV digital democracy isn’t easy neither was my ex but the one thing even we could agree on was total Net Neutrality

the internet will not be homogenized

discrimination already prevalent in this nation in these times is not going to hit data data discrimination human rights violation

ISPs will be regulated and treated like people like they said they wanted therefore people Die and so ISP’s need a shelf life of say 80 years like people then they will be dismantled distributed out

the internet will not be the next TV tool of the elite to control how we think, buy the internet will not divide us the internet will unite us

-==-=–=-=-==-=-=-=-=–==–=-=-=-=-==-=-==-=-=- you don’t pay extra to use the carpool lane

ISP’s will not be gatekeepers secretaries will be our gatekeepers

net neutrality is non-negotiable all internet traffic will remain equal

you don’t pay extra to use the carpool lane freeways don’t cost extra if you want to use a certain lane

“Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments regulating the Internet should treat all data on the Internet the same, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication.[1] The term was coined by Columbia University media law professor Tim Wu in 2003, as an extension of the longstanding concept of a common carrier, which was used to describe the role of telephone systems.[2][3][4][5] “

alexa and siri always listening

the internet will not control you you will control it you will be in the drivers seat the internet will not be homogenized

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Wed 1143 AM

I need to finish this project, I will set a deadline for it after finishing POLIWAT v1

on a sautrday afternoon in a rental car

hearing some freestlye tape on it: ((( freestlye 7 ))) can’t w

the internet will not bring you to your knees we will not pay more for the cheese we will not pay more for the sleeze

internet not an assmbly line 1955 unionize the people

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Internet Will Not Be Homogenized

2017-08-02 11:45:37 -0700 -0700

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