911 AM

real prodcutive mornign and worked on the pale blue website stuff with hunter and cam till like 3 in the morning.

its ironic when the internet is fire speeds when the sun is shining bright then it gets shitty. but that was only yesterday, because it’s completely now and it’s a real sunny day. I fucking hate so much about everything when I can’t connect to the fucking internet. I lost my phone and no one is home so I’m completely off the GRID right now. Going to go work off the saw and record a session with just me and twisty.

102 PM

So you don’t want to be complacent?

Am I complacent? complacency is easy to identify if you look at society at large,

but hard to see in ourselves and those around us

but we all have real complacent qualitities to us.

the act of finding out our complacent attributes, then case by case

there are many qualities that we have to live with ourselves, and its best to find out what we aren’t changing and then move on to the stuff we do want to change.

do I have to live with this part of myself

do I live this with

so yeah if you don’t want to be complacent, then what do you do with your time

there are many ways to grow

and one way that provides you with evidence of your growth

is this -

so idkk the question I want to ask myself

is what is the most advanced set of tasks only me myself and Irene can do? ||| |||

as an artist your job is to execute the most advanced set of tasks possible that only yourself can do in order to, over and over again.

well your job is everything so your job is also to execute the most simple of tasks, to the point that nothing actually occurred. that’s another job of the artist.

I am complacent there are complacent qualities to me I would always love to play super smash all night with a ton of people.

whats the most advanced set of actions i can make

Wed 445 PM

I'm not trying to live a long time

I'm living a full life

challenging myself as much as I possibly handle

because that's how

I dance with my own salvation

I dance with my pursuit of truth

I'm not trying to live a long time

I'm living a full life

Internet Is Killing Me And Im Not Trying To Live A Long Life

2018-05-30 16:48:29 -0700 -0700

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