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in traffic at shoreline - it was a good concert! I’m shuttle mic, I will spam call you to make sure you’re on the shuttle! OH hi I’m mic, where are you? Oh you’re already on the shuttle? My bad. next number Hello>>/? hi this is michael from get on your shuttle, I’m mic. Where you at? close to fire house No.5 ? No don’t tell me no one will know I did nitrogen with the passengers outside the bus. They distracted me a bit, convinced me to have a good laugh, keep calling people. Calling people already on the bus. very funny. they got me fuck I got me for a few songs at stage c DAMN don’t know they’re names but we got D O W N i came down to the epicenter out to the perimeter and wow this causes traffic jason gave me a dose in the beginning livenation asian lady caught me trying to sneak a laptop into the venue, finding it after I lied to her face, she caught me RED HANDED !!!!!! TONIGHT !!!!!!!!!! GOD DA M N I T why can’t I work an event and bring a laptop into a good concert ? don’t want me to think to much ? you smutz any rany any border any color knows you are scum

which orgasmed and came back - it was a good concert! Hi, I’m shuttle mic, I’m making sure everyone gets on the shuttle, the shuttle is making everyone kinda sleepy, already, and I think we’ll get through it but damn grass hopper my grass hopper what did I see what did I see jon everyone’s on the bus that was hilarious please don’t fire me someone’s already snoring Im about to go blasting on the headphones but prefer the dim lights lights of those around me I catch the vibes and airs of those around me and tread fst but not to hardly lightly on you suck you fuck you cuck unlikely came crass too fast cause I’m too fucked up tonightly…. saving it for helen is the true test and test first time I passed it and test second time like NASA I’ll pass it and thrice damn that time we’ elo pe it that they there four thighs I developeeddddd hurrrrr

that they four thighsssss I that developppedddd huurrrrrr

no one see these trends god damn let me speak to those who see that they four thighsssssssssss I that developpppeeddddddd huurrrrrrrrrrr

that they four thighhssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


strippter is time time is a stripped i I left log ic at the front door and for get what writing is this is free flow now I cam unto a point where I could make ten and then realized those that don’t know will find the 9 times ota ten, in uncomfortable, in end times, amend, before time, before end times I do commend even in here sirens whur here I don pretend I gettin paid to make sure they ain’t off this shuttle right here this is focused fuckin MIC I FUCKIN FOCUSED ANY MENIAL JOB I MEAN call it menial subliminally

any thoughts couragoues hthougths they carry me not I need no courgeous thoughts to think we’zzzeee about to die in this lots like I mean scribe when I freestle or write, like I go find the time, like I mean by your lies, like I mean by the time I too fucked up for a good pitch I cant give a good pitch without breaking down only wokes evolved know whats up I cant I cant I cant give good pitch good pitch to whats up I can’t give good pitch Good pitch to know whats up I can’t give good pitch Good pitch to know what’s up I cant give good pitch good pitch to know whats up means they THEYh THey HTeyehtheythetyethetyeytheryhteryhterytheryterht eryhteryhterythertyherthertyhertyhertyhertyhertyhertyherthyerthertyherthretyerhtehrterhterther {{ statements }}



ah I see with clarity now! need factor in they, they

   when this was lienero or not

-=-==-==- gol [’ know ‘] this is when it happens on the bus with the driver that dones’t speak englush and second day on the job and I got stolen wine for my girlfriend back home if we make it and got caught tryna bring this quip inthe venue that’s fucking WEIRD everyone’s so fucking weird cept those guys I gavew extra minutes cept those guys I gave extra minutes, no need to go outside michale and play the circuits sorry I tell you I play with circuits I don’t need to siton the bus and check you in I will search everywhere until you are located on this bus on my bus hey, this is shuttle mic, are you by fire station 5? hey, this is shuttle mic are you by fire station 5? hey, this is shuttle mic are you by fire station 5?

///// /I’m not a robot but it’s influence is on my mind is on robot is on my mind is a gum BOT before I and dat is endless before queit is that that too endless while tired is not me pretendless I tripped out everyone on this bus and thank god we’re all getting home and I should be bumping tunes but the driver doesn’t know english so I’m just doing the minimum in a way

while being way too extra in too many waysss

they were all looking for my lime green t shirt - but I changed out of it for some reason

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL worst mistake of the whole night in some ways but it was worth it cause the san francisco psychic hit the crevice thought no now Im editing too hard and FAST STOP MICHAEL YOU NEED TO FUCKING STOP BEFORE YOU SAY SOMETHING SU stup surperflfusouss stpudying

||\ why end …

   \ \\\ \\ \\ GENE !!!

   so you didn't hit the crevice ?

   don't look like you forgot

   so you like the crevis right ?

   don't look like you forgot

   don't think about the crevice right

   don't look back



know the terms os the role and damn we gonna be late

and damn it was alright

and damn yea I know mic

everyone was alwayss salready alead dfojiadfa on the fucking bsu I bus I dont want to admit I

I las st ed longer than 24 inches

she silcon silly lookin for big dick with no soul part time ssshheraddeeeeee e for the hot

adn the asian driver is hacking !! !

hard ! !! ! !! ! !

and that’s been the only sound on the part shuttle

after dead and company and

and damn we need some better entertainment

this will be the only quiet night

this will be the only quiet sleep

we know this the time for my podcast

you know this the time for my sleepp

I don’t force it though

forget those that stuck

but it doens’t take mssuch

to help em get unstuck

let’s always think

Imma help em get unstuck

second I see em if they stuck

Imma help em get unstuck

and seocnd they blasting

me curses before ezzz told

catch fire me chances cant tell when I clear

I clear I clear I clear dont that make it so ? sound’s so clear to me, saying it is now

now that I think

I’m clear.

FAST tidbits whuiel FUCK GRIP THIS MIC


it so what can you

so am I fired or do I catch you ?

with all the snacks but no girl to feed you ?

late night on da shuttle ?

ten minutes ago preaching bout how don’t look at me like

I’m getting in trouble

been there done that on the double

don’t look at me like I’m getting on the bus

I’m michael, with get 2 your event !

I’m michael and I’m your greeter,

this is me and what’s going on in my head !!!! I’m michael your telephonew greatter ahahahahaha

why is this always a one sided equestion after all this time

cause I’m asidoajsdfasldfjksdkf asldfkj asfdsfdlkjasd cause why ???

cause we skldfjasdfljafdsk

and cause I

why is this always a one sided JOB whats youre job who are you get they there dont get me off trash words come down for my dick I gotta breath


I gotta breath harder than this for sure.

that’s fore damn sure ahahahahah I forgot to breath

for a second there damn

it was a great concert I got lost in the second half

funny how we’re all allowed to got get lost in the second half

so we can pay extra to sit on a party shuttle

with no music no enlish and me, michael your bus greeter!

hi, I’m michael your bus greeter, are you by fire house 5 or somewhere in between ? I left a half bottle of wine in a vitamin water at the base of a birch treee inbetween you and the parking lot, do you think it’s okay if I sneak it on board ? I mean I’m working, it’s my job to make sure you get on the bus

|| and damn those white ladies really loved me but I was too what ?? blame it on my driver ? yeah I’ll blame it on me I shouldv’e taken the reighs with the bad vibes and dancwed em off

like any genius would

dance the bad vibes off take the reignhgs dance dem bad vibes off

take the reigns dance that they bad vibes off

to what degree you want to know

is enough for me

and people regularly chang emy life

and it’s not cause I’m the only one typing,

its cause it’s a good night to do so

furiously, before I can even go

I’m beyond desperate and already spoke too mich

4 white ladies on the bus knows what’s up

swept under the rug like its just some

other shuttle with AI

no this is human fucking crushed at this weight

it’s not even rent in my face at this point

cause my love healed the situation

its that I’m not tired of loving

and Imma keep on giving

cause the more people that do that

will bring

change faster than ya’ll seem ready to deal with so I’ll play with you in verse or core WHETHER est summmit de cave

I know I not the only other person typing on this bus I know I am not the only other person writing on this bus I know I not the only person riding this bus

1 so many people were holding 1 finger up. you know what that means? 1 CONCSIOUSNESS I’d tell them || AND THEY KNOW INSTANTLY || AND WE JUST DID A HARD BRAKE ||| AND EVERYONES Real checked out at this time and wow its gonna be a bumpy ride

and wow a time to de com p res sssss

it’s time to de stresssssssss

but how do they expect to take this shuttle ?

and fuck after it ?

this is the most pointless - I don’t what to call it FIREHOUSE YES its a firehouse in a desert || why do we need it ?

just in case that 1 little sacred tiny beautiful plant….. catches…s…fire?

don’t think so craass about ti sebastion you english bloke

I fucking left a lot at the door to mention you right now

and jason this a shoutout only reason I still rhyming

cause jason dosed me at the tent and now I trippin

harder than I shouldn’t be trippin

but no one knows the difference

I did my job, you do this

are you on the bus, or not kid ?

cause I’m shuttle mic, with get the fuck home

and next time you take bat

take it with kindness

and not how armani let me sneak past

or when they yelled at me for my laptop

just know no matter how much I get fucked

I will still make

I will still create

it will still be free

for you love love me



In Traffic at Shoreline Getting Paid

2019-06-02 00:14:21 -0700 -0700

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