wed 1119AM

in avery’s car outside the sunflower house

was up till liek 5 working on the pale blue map.

so sxciting!

sometimes I think

wed 259 pm

be kind to our sewer lines

@ cofeetopia with moon : D

goign to see cam today! hopefully get a little river in,

THE Map!P!P!P!P!P!!P!!!!!

THE SET!! !! !! ! !!!

too short was the time
so long so long bright mind

squasha asha pasha

Wed 948 pm

meet my new voice teacher

we have a deal, I’ll help record her next album and she’ll help me sing =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

wednsdat 10:56 PM

viki, Erin’s client for 20 years with

Prader–Willi syndrome

Where are the commas? - Pain in the English

-=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=-

what do you say to a dying?

what do you want to say to your great great grand children ?

what to you want to leave behind

-=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=-

don't judge me by my gravestone   
lets go find a time capsule

wednsdat 1153 PM

“I wish I could tell people how valuable they are to the world.”—Hospice Patient

thursdat 12:58 AM


weed weed i still think its a sheep
little prince you gonna be
little birdman where are you

why I always gotta pee
little prince you gonna be


**thursdat 137 AM **

In Averys Car It a System

2018-07-18 11:18:48 -0700 -0700

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