Sunday 159 PM


K IWNBH - Internet will not be homogenized

is the next release for this Friday.

I’ll get the people in the kzsu studio to do the

because I got this email

Progress will be logged in the IWNBH master log.

-==-===–=-==—=-= Jasmin our training instructor invited us to a house show last night

She picked us up and we had a barnes session before heading to the Gingerbread house in San Jose. It was an awesome place.

A bunch of old turntables / synths / mixer boards were strewn around the place. There was a whole room as a dedicated show space, with tasteful cassettes and cables on the walls.

The bands sucked, I was a weirdo and should’ve stayed home. Except there was one song in the beginning I liked, found here:

Be 25


The place had lawn chairs on the roof, but we didn’t hit them! We hungout by the fire pit instead.

OH lessons I texted myself right after leaving the show

Industrial light and magic island

204 AM
Okay no one gives a shit
if you tell them about
your music in person
This is the last night
I'll promote my music
in person cold

-=–===- -=–===- -=–===- -=–===- -=–===- -=–===- -=–===- -=–===- -=–===-

quiz prep for DJ class

legal ID

  kzsu stanford

phone number

(855) 723-9010

what you can’t do on air:

    call to action
    and prices

Leadership Roles

chief engineer

program director - schedule, who gets shows

news director - in charge of news

promotions director - in charge of getting tickets, promos,

production director -

general manager - Caleb, settles personal conflicts with DJs

music director - reviews music, getting new music in yada yada yada

publicity - recruiting students, going to the dorms, etc

Studio B and the patchbay

Show requirements:

2 PSAs per hour

1 promo

1 ticket give

station number:

(855) 723-9010

FCC - federal communications commission

EAS - Emergency Alert System, a national warning system

Emergency procedures

3 forms of sound:

Cue - no one is going to here it but you, it comes out of the board

Program - gets broadcast out

Monitor - speakers

headphones - duh

-==-==-=-=-==–==–=-==-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–==- -= -= -=-=-= -= =–==- -==-

Be 26

1 album out w/poliwat v1
can do 100 pushups in one sitting
know all words to DAMN.
have 2 employees
singsong 10 playlist memorized
level 2 Russian + Spanish

Be 27

book published
fluent in Russian
singsong 11 playlist memorized

Be 28

Be 29

Be 30

get a pilot's license


Sunday 1050 PM

all rules broken

not all 10 dailies

but very fun day at stanford

was doing dishes until an edit to a poem I’m working on came into mind.

a class I confidently will not pass

once in a blue moon you say you twist off


1128 AM safespace

my life it tragic (5) 247 depression


sampled this from the spoken word part of the vinyl at the station:

&& what sound library is complete without a little Ginsberg?

Imploding At The Gingerbread House

2017-10-15 13:55:39 -0700 -0700

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