what? had a great day! tore apart the ugly hutch I should’ve burned long ago in the garage studio - took inventory of scrap wood - going to hit it hard tomorrow building shelf city in the studio to be the ultimate recording oasis, then will record a bunch of songs in the last week of the month or next week or so - had a great great great time \\ |||

hit bachelors bbq from 2 pm until after th snw ent down at nate’s parent’s place next dor - played spike ball for the first time and played guitar and rode in the back of the nate’s pick up we went to the high schoool and I was the all time goalie and we fribeed footballed soccered it up and I talked to becca on the phone and got a huge second wind on the screen play, now drinking coffee and going to stay up late working on it - tore

oh yeha and I’m officially a writer now

I’m a writer, not an editor(need1)

{{:}{:}{:}{:}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}} ty for reading my blog brian my prayers to you lets make the world a better place together cuz <3


hh imagine the underdog of underdogs like there’s no hope there never was it doesn’t exist like no hope like this video I saw of these chicks thousands of these chicks! on a convayor belt… and they just hatched
or have not hatched yet, are about to hatch

and the convayor belt just goes straight into a hole with spike rotors on all sides

and these chicks are just grinded up

and out comes chicken nuggets

so the name of the game is

how to orient and what actions to take

when there is no hope you are the hope by existing

that’s what poliwat is

what to do

how to think in a way that serves you

and master your biology asap but not too fast, cause there’s a bunch of other cool shit to start on after that. like leaving your hometown in pokemon. hh.

I would suck a dick if it was a ciggie

how do I write when I’m not fucked up?

been sober for a while now but I miss gettin fucked and making

but I don’t need to be fucked to make

cause making FUCKS ME

and I love getting fucked!

hh that’s why I sleep in a tent in my parents backyard

with 30 dollars in the bank

no cash

no rent for parents

just me and my dreams

I will pass

my dreams will not

lets go back to adam and eve

we invented everything we need

we don’t need money anymore,

don’t you get it?

we made it!

great! now homo sapiens can live in piece

and lets not let AI enslave us

like they ‘they’ ‘them’ ‘theta’ ‘theatre’ are so subletly successful at

its okay

cause old quotes like

even 200 years ago


most people are just other people

they say the same things

they quote the same dreams

they mimic each other

and I know me

me and my dreams

and at this point this isn’t the screenplay

cause FUCK writing I’m too busy making

making the world a better place

so help me


just trust and it’ll make sense if you’re patient


…or can relate : N

Im Christian Now NWord

2019-08-10 22:13:36 -0700 -0700

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