730 AM

Called dad P Diddy he didn’t answer. But he texted me saying I probably stayed up all night. Not this time!

I walked to the abbey, this is my efficacy when the internet goes down:

why won't the internet work here at the abbey?
nothing is working. What a waste of time
computers and phones are so fucking stupid
I only curse because
I haven't had nicotine in a very long time.

why the fuck won't soundcloud work?
I paid 6.85 for a coffee and gluten free bread here
and it's not paying off.

yup I gotta leave here but made this in the meantime:

Went to see my friend Nika (she made a memebbot). She’s like a mother to me. She is moving to Portland.

She gave me a copy of the I Ching, naruto fidget spinner, 4loco, lucy, and vodka. Our road trip to the eclipse tomorrow will be a productive one to say the least. I read a bit until I was late to the one work meeting I had all week. But I meditated on this for a while:

The return to the root
is stillness,
recognition of life destiny.

So the title of this post is from the I Ching. (translated by John Minford)

After work I’m going to sample the naruto figdet spinner, and release that as well as the old gwen drum kit so people can buy it on bandcamp. Then if Stefan is around I’ll be looking to work more on the 2nd half of the ecstatic dance piece.

In addition I popped this out using old material on my sound library when the internet wasn’t working and I was pissed:

-=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=- -=- HORGE -=-

bring me to life -=-

lets figure out how to monetize your memes

meme man - ka$h noses bass

nika’s meme generator -


belgs with mika and horge -

where’s the mate deals

emoji audio

Friday 151 pm

@ office after this meeting

I wished I could record my client with my hifi recorder, but only got a phone one.

Friday 504 PM

Put together an almost mvp / proof of concept in an hour with final cut


my housemate said it was similar to https://youtu.be/P5V8X4B9voA which is one of his main inspirations. Yeah but they’re mich better! The beauty of a journal is that you share your ugly sides. I personally want to make a video from one of his tracks:


544 pm

stefan made a reallylllllllllllly good dinner…

A guy that works in the same co-working space said he got a pack of 10 glasses for the ecplipse. He said I could have a few, and I could pick them up before 7 pm tonight.

612 pm my life has stopped. Jimothy Leary’s latest track needs to be injected into my bloodstream. A preview available later. It’s much better than the og one.

Sending it to Chad and I want to make a music video for it, using drone footage of surfers.

-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-

sent my sister and her hubby a nice message telling them their daughter will be awesome <3

and remember michael, there will always be men who are too gentle for wolves.

If You Do Not Leave Home, Calamity

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