No, no all of them slow.


I’m sick! Todays a recovery day all day in bed thank god we can now, had a fab weekend despite it ||

Saturday went to the sultan room Gus got us in for free cause she’s friends with brandon from UCSC, he got us a shot on the roof. The band was flashy mediterranean with a flute frontman and they sang la la la la when they did, the two synths players were on fire, and the second drummer and second synth had a special electricity between them. You could smoke up on the roof thee and despite being sick, I was stoked to be there because Becca and I walked past it a week before the day I got a haircut.

Yesterday h and I got in the Brooklyn museum for free with my EBT card and we took notes \


Becca saved us around dinner time cause I was sick Helen was tired we wanted to rest but couldn’t really land anywhere, that’s why I want 38 fast days and 14 slow, cause Michelle is freaking out about us staying in gina’s room while she’s gone cause she’s crazy, gina wants us to and it’s a whole huge extra room, and we clean up after her, and she’s moving out on the 15th of march, and Helen’s getting the new room, so it’s wild she’s being weird about us being in an empty room in the house in the meantime. Becca offered to pay utilities for the month and the lost kew saga has come to a close, with new locks and a 450$ bill that we’ll all split or something else.

And I have to budget out the rest of the week, until Thursday, but called Aris and he has a bunch of work for my so I’ll do that full time come the 29th, and make as much as I can, and just spend this week applying for audoi stuff, releasing all my music through distrokid, and cleaning up the site. Three years in the making and still so much to do!

I’m happy when I get ill like this, cause it justifys taking it easy and working from bed, guilt free.

I Want 38 Fast Days and 14 Slow

2020-02-24 10:22:58 -0500 EST

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