Excerpt from 'Letter to no one':

To the lover who didn't love me back,
To the Driver that hit me and ran,
To the Fedex that dropped me and left,
To the volunteer that charged me and quit,

Bots are everywhere but we forget all the time.

10:06 AM

Just waking up a while ago but damn oh man damn ahahahahhahahahahaaha reading my journal entries from the park the other day was wild got me real excited singing to myself and it’s a dangerous slope I’m getting too obsessed on the menutia when I gotta have that lighniting top draw quip with it all so just going to spend 20 minutes on free writing the direction the dailies are heading.

“Stop shaking the tyrant’s bloody robe in my face, or I will believe that you wish to put Rome in chains.” - Robespierre

Great, I love this hard look we’re about to take.

So the dailies I’m taking more serious and have had success for a few days. More than enough time to CHANGE THE DAILIES!!! Who said you can’t change dailies? My dailies are packages, subscriptions, booster packs! Pay girlfriend back! Operation make dad proud. Operation pay girlriend back. Can I do it? Is it possible optimize all my dailies to a faster trajectory on that money love angle? Let’s just use as little words as possible for the question, then hop skip jump drop L cooz friend.

Phase 1 Phase 2 Endgame
Hop() -PBA X
Skip() Archive/Vault 36 X
Jump() -AJ X
Drop() -FA Sing Song
L() -HH X
Cooz() -PBD X
Friend() -FE X

Within PBD Library another set…..

I’m a kid born in a world that doesn’t make sense

but we’re given balloons and sticks

while we’re made to make sense of the world

so right now playing river survivor

it’s sensible to have a lot fun with everyone around

it makes sense to direct all the kids to go build a boat out of a leaf and a stick

and then eat kid needs to find a worm

and then we launch them down the stream

to see which one survives the longest

and none of the worms ever survive

while the kids laugh the whole time

not below this line

She snuck drugs up her vagina to Sid in rehab.

There’s a million uses to a vagina and that’s not a good one.

LaC TOC notes
Intro -If you were to write a bible, what would it say?
The Following
All of Us
All of our Feelings, Fleeting
The Human and The Surfboard
The Human and The Smile
The Human and The Void
The Human and The Shooter
The Human and the Curtain
The Human and The Cog
The Human and The Machine
The Human and The Shooter
The Human and The Mirror
The Human and The Snapshot
The Human and The Calculator
Humans with AI
Therapy as Escape
The Human and PPFPast Present Future
The Human and The Media
The Human and Paint
The Human and The Majority Minority
The Human and The He She and Inbetween
The Human and The Ride
The Human and The Job
The Human and The Snakes
The Human and The Lights
The Human and The Action
The Human and The Camera
The Human and The Trail
The Human and The Rails
The Human and The Disease
The Human and The Drug
The Human and The Disease
The Human and The Space
The Human and The Note
The Human and The Archetype
The Human and The Archetype
The Human and The Secret
The Human and The Capital
The Human and Archetype
The Human and The Archetypal Relationship
The Human and Rules, Taboos, and Etiquette
The Human and The Multi
Chorus A  Art of Art of Action, Always
Chorus B  Building Bridges
Chorus C  Art of Art of Cleanup (+getting others to clean)
Chorus D  Disease (+Diseases we carry, how to navigate them)

Lessons From (series)
The Feelers
The General
The Slut
The Monk
The Schizo, Psycho, Socio
The Shaman
The Hula
The Student
The Lonely Cholo
The Wizard

Dailies Questions Answers
Read() What did you read? X
Write() What did you write? This post
Create() What did you make? trippy gas cloud css animation.mov
Exercise() Dance workout (or otherwise?) X
Audio() You recorded what: X
Video() You filmed what: X
Finish() You bounced what track: X
Live() You sang what live: my gifts, lua by bright eyes, 3PAC
Finish2() You made what visuals X
Phone() You called who: Bonnie
Share() Uploaded what to archive:
PBD() You did what for PBD? X
Web() You did what to POLIW.AT? X
Love&Legacy() You did what for friends/fam? Made brunch for housemates
God() You’re grateful for what? The lovely Brooklyn Sun


I Love This Hard Look We're About to Take

2020-05-09 10:20:57 -0400 EDT

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