Creature of habit more than anything else


Creature of habit more than anything else ||

bottled youth bottled chicken
bottled me
dad's dad dad die dad alcoholic
bottled feet
hard to rap when
the rings in my ears
speakers blew out
before my ear drums were ready to solo how
god is the how
god is in the now
can't escape god
melik asked do you believe in God
I said yeah you can't escape god dog
its dog backwards
there's a reason polecat has so many colors

predict the future through the odors

rubber bands for some rock band dads
all got together finally to cover some
dead rock fans
at the source the chapter the people

no matter how far you go
you'll never escape
your parents inside you
so why fight
they brought you into this earth
becca says lock it up
I say speak your thirst
to the right company
cause how many times to I have to spit
the bar is low god damn it

sore throat and a toothache

banning the emotions words invoke
don't call it smash no more
no longer broke
never broken without getting fixed up
as a sign checking in on the pissed out shrub
up in prospect for days till the mourning goes away
3 deaths later and my raps have never been better
funny how your worst nightmare
gives and gifts
that's why we go to the bathroom at night togehter to piss

every night
full of sorrow
not being bothered with mortal life anymore
just praying for the saving the immortals

it's a just cause cause now I know
everyone already knows
so raps is just a

but what the hell I writing about
washed up before cashed out   

hand signals and eyes now

I stopped rapping because I stopped respecting
words invoking meaning
words distract emotions
smart words with no feelings
I gve up rapping because
rapping isn't going to bring dad back

I quit video dreams because I grew tired of what they write about
what they scream about

when they're writing
about chad's dead brother now
that's fucked up
fucks up the whole story
fucks up my whole vision
fucks hows we construct the world
in your whole life

like the matter of
are you afraid of your brain
when where what do you trust
in your senses over
the spirit bond in us
spirit bond true spirit bond
really blur the lines
blood and cum    
love and guns
tractors and lambs

killer god damn
I  can feel it

walking down the street
everybody wants to be the next rapper
judges, cops, teachers,
everybody wants to be the next rapper
but they don't know why

I want everyone to start rapping
and I know why
cause we need to expand our communication waves in our communities

I'm living illegally don't say anything to my neigbhors in passing

just hide that reality and rap about your biology

of making it up

isaac babel time
reishi time
rob lunch time

poliwat is dead
never made a cent
it's too hard for even
intimate ones in my life to know whats going on

so I'm pulling it all back
polecat yeah
poliwat is a character in polecat

and I just realized what I'm doing

I'm just typing
without thinking
because this doesn't have any meaning
because I'm lost and sad and have hit the end of a chapter
and I'm waiting for the next and will pay to rest

and it's funny Imma give away some IQ
cause carmellos is open again 2 blocks from the studio  

cali pussy never had to handle this humidity

so I'm pulling it all back
cause hours and hours and months of me talking
they aren't understanding

so I'm pulling it back

so I'm pulling it back

nishbell is here ahahahah  

now I gotta hide
and pull it back
pulling it back

you know me just pulling it back
and now I gotta just know
that I'm pulling it back
just shows up and walks in
and now I'm pulling it back

cause you can't be here legally
cause you don't make enough money honey
that'll always be me
I'm tired
I gave up on making money a long time ago

I hate how little san francisco cares for the poor
you know me just ranting

just transfixing

 I just hope   

I Fell Back

2020-07-30 11:23:55 -0400 EDT

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