Saturday 822 AM

Been writing a lot in the vanilla Notes app that comes with OSX.

I got great alien tape of my mom last night

I don’t want to learn this same shit, I’ve gone in a cycle since 21-22 and it’s time to identify then break it. I can’t stand the thought of learning these same lessons yet again at 26 or 27. holy tits this is important.

The Cycle:

consider the following

I want to make art I want to have a business

^ the point of convergence is that these are both one in the same.

My Stanford radio show will be called the lost tapes, and I can get free tickets to a bunch of shows and record them for the station…. muahahahhaha

Going to Marion’s in a second, I haven’t been able to focus well since about 11 AM last night! Not good. But sober life is good.

So idk man

I want to laser cut some shit! Bringing my laptop so I can hit a coffee shop by the beach before coming home and getting my Earth designs off the ground.

I Dont Want To Learn The Same Lesson Twice

2017-12-02 08:22:39 -0800 -0800

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