Tues 1022 AM

On disappointment later. not enough time. Editing the crypto currency eps, just about done with the first one.

I will hold out. It’s a perfect day. The sun is shining hard out here. Threw a laundry in, Bean just left and Kenzie and Erynne got back from LiB last night! Tonight

she said

I miss games and men I miss men and games

is it the heat or my uncertainty

that disallows me from crossing this ravine

how did it begin and does it have to stay that way

Tuesday 1122 AM

|| Imagining the visionary as a true realist ||

to log in or not log in

mail out 10 coasters

-==–=-=-=-==–==-=- -==–=-=-=-==–==-=- -==–=-=-=-==–==-=- -==–=-=-=-==–==-=- -==–=-=-=-==–==-=-

Hey dibs how’re you?! Cam is coming over later tonight if you wanna hit my hot tub with us at my place

tues 1153 AM

combinatrix vocab list 1

  • cock blockchain

night time is for getting stoned and responding to people ?

what is my life

I made a decision. I’d like to stay here until the end of summer, however that looks.

How I organize my sound Library

Across multiple cloud accounts

“I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.” - [ Douglas Adams ]

I get depressed - I was hoping I could keep that out of here. But the month of may is the worst month. It will always be the worst month.

get an IG bot

tuesday 1257 PM

Will someone buy me xn–ug8h.fm please

I’m disappointed in my actions this whole month of may. fuck the month of may. AK and I broke up last may and I still have some emotions. Why would someone give up? What’s the point, idk I’m too intense. I lack substance. I lack maturity. I have many caveats. But when I love someone, I’m in it. and she left that. Pretty blaze to give up like that. she won’t get more than the time from me until I get over my shit.

Tuesday 901 PM

Had a real nice session with beaneeeeeee :D :D :D

Laser cutting to yoyo ma and on discord and life is perfect. I love life when at a computer. The internet is still trash though.


quantum computing


what are the good questions

When are we going to have to talk about this again versus are we going to

I Am Naked And Disappointed

2018-05-29 10:22:24 -0700 -0700

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