Monday 320 PM

50 music videos

i always on coffee and acid and treble

sweep yo mamas porch

50 shades of mike first music video

ol’ blue eyes

im talking why I saw over this piano tape why cnat I stop typing to tell any mate that i tired of living I livid with the world around me I can feel their suffering

when you gotta find you
acapella for my funeral

woke charade

sipping crossfader

swwon swoop

my turn okay I’m talking why i sad

over this piano tape cant cant I stop typing and tell any mate

sweep yo mamas porch shut the front door western eastern southern public radio now

athe spread thin thin out so focused sweep P{mamaas porch }

western eastern southern public radio now sweep yo maama’

50 curse of mike - sleep mike video time lapses of me falling asleep in public

Im not talking looks Im talking looks like I’ll need 50 bucks for this piece of art please something someone coughs is something I’d slit a throat guarantee

I Am Loved and Poliw

2018-09-03 15:19:58 -0700 -0700

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