Monday 219PM

^when I postive cash flow I’m going on this

=–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-=


mail thing to dan

cut chocolate logo into 4 layers -

etch with laser cutter @NB

work on innovators website

tell james we got that birthday thing first so it’s gotta be 11

make reference shots for Chris by scene and email him

Think about making brochure / start on lasercut business card design / schedule a time to see Tom

email solmaxion for this install her theme


Life’s to busy to write written word

both my mentors texted me today. It’s a good day!

if you don't sleep with me I'll sleep with you

Monday 1001PM

victory lady layers
1 - black 00000
2 - red FF0000
3 - green 00FF00
4 - blue 0000FF

How To Meet And Maintain Your Mentors

2017-11-13 13:52:22 -0800 -0800

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