Frisat 813pm

wheres my eye sight going

made it all day not eating anything cept 4 table spoons total of sauerkraut. started keto diet today and you enter ketosis quicker if you fast

fast lol that auto correct is a pw for idk what but this is how you can find it I suppose how you spell I can’t remember my single english high school teacher’s name right now but she showed me frankenstein and I thank you for that ==

in the tent that was supposed to be the first thing, spent the day organizing papers first, have 3 special binders all sorted out now — songwriting || paleblue || personal development stuff ||

so the logs are there

spent the day cleaning cleaning cleaning cleaning organizing and now I look up oh wait I spent an hour shopping from TJs spent 81 bucks of ebt on all keto food its going to go great

love it I got a new schedule

when you don’t have anything / in my case much to lose

then you are

A ) dangerous to your govt (maybe, possibly) {{{im not}}}

B ) suspectable to significant mental influence on your psyche, how you perceive the world ((TLDR;if some source is providing a significant amount of answers of why your life is the way it is for you))

C ) you are someone to be listened to

D ) whoever has nothing is who I listen to the most

nonsequiter pov

E ) I have 5 bucks I got from my dad’s van

did dishes for dad

did weeds for mom

now going to make dinner, goal was to make it to 6 without eating I made it to about that, haven’t really eaten yet

and also

you know what ?

I love you , I love you I love you I don t mind when you dont respond because that’s healthy and you’re at ben’s bday so I understand it’s la Jolla love you :D

oh yeah and how did I get so productive today? put some coke in my gums and made three tracks yesterday. peace

idk 1048 pm at least

made it ! real productive get life together day <3

I should start an upload that should be the new habit, set it up so I can lie down and exp it ya know ||

old notes from just paste (( new and old )) master doc

thursday 1119 pm

the road to getting everyone fired

every summer she jump another boat or hold tight

hypothetically its ++_

hypothetical house

||| hol dUP !!! !||||

youtube series starting now



=-=-=-411pm -==-=-=-==

whats the best 8 minutes in a day

find it film it


timed task lists on a clipboard

Each different theme \ workout \ music \ posting \ uploading \ 10 things i can do in an hour \

the ten things i can do in an hour

with my hands

and no money

no acrylmildahide

me quitting acrymyldihyde

at 27

living in a tent

my dad found in an alleyway

in my parents backyard

-=-=-=-=- \ -=-=-==-=-=—=-==-==-=-=- \ —=-=-==—==-=-==— \

i made a genre of music

we like cancer

we quitting acrymyldihyde

i don’t know what to think

when i gotta quite

everything i love

i love old things

beethoven in the garden

trolling no regarding

singing darlene

couldn’t call back cause

hd to make sure to record ‘

always tell just you things

a coke analysis of our


i miss english

i relapsed when she left

thought i wouldn’t

worth it every time

chase the tunes

I’m quitting acrmyldihyde ||


I’mma beat this cancer in me

and not be high

I’mma beat this cancer in me

and not be high

=-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-=

=-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-=

=-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-=

=-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-=

Im high

stop that please don’t top that

shut up fuck you sorry

got it out not dude

got it out not dude

=-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-=

=-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-=

=-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-=

=-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-=

=-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-=

next1 @ remote logs masterlist


July 12th 2k19 Friday 948 PM

Passing gfs and exs nudies to my dad yeah cause

he about to die I don’t care yeah

she don’t care yeah

its all made up

everything you listen to

till you prove otherwise

so suck my dick

didn’t eat all day

that my only lyric of the day out




“I’m so glad I’m not a fat girl –


Homerthepoet Marcus Kirk

I anunciate too much


I think I’m dying

I’m just so tired

Are gratins buyers science

Art that inspires science

Week journal

Google doc songs and drive

Omari io site deploy

Write ableton song


Girl you know it’s true


The most personal male conversations happen while peeing m

Bible humper is getting to me

I need a drink

Ditto for females

I know

WhT we saw from the mosh pit


I got jumped for $10


Start with sorry

I did not wine wine dine

Bottle of wine

Small bottle of fireball

Small bottle of Hennessy

Handle ofVodka (glass bottle)/Smirnoff

18 or 12 pack corona or some beer

Life objective number one figure out why I cry, live Jack to number to get back on the train tracks of my life on the charge of the tracks on the tracks of change for the lookout, you got every day he forgot and then I forgot to wipe my butt

convolute no I didn’t feel things I wiped it too much

Save the trees that’s why I don’t wipe my butt

My butt is a forest that never got cut down, save the trees that’s why don’t like my butt, as much as I need, no I don’t I wipe it too much that’s why I bleed once a day, so I can relate when you Pms


Brian jones town massacre

Nine lives (2005)

Call me a rebel but I don’t much like shopping malls

Make a startup in a castle

Start a deghost we

Little white waitress

Writing down her dreams

When she’s fifteen

The tiger Lilys

I was walking my mom

Ren Klyce

People sa

Tao of physics

Pizza grease and Netflix will be the death of me

I stole a cat when I was drunk

Turned it in and got the reward

Abercrombie Jesus walking down the street

What was the song we did that was really easy and not about a paper soldier?



Get Bonnie a woopie cushion

Elon musk dressed as darth vader

For burning man

Let’s take this movie outside

Let’s take this relationship outside

Let’s take this computer outside

Why did you bring a computer?

My script!

My tesicles feel like the moon

After being with you

I stick it in but I don’t pick it

Because women pick me these days

Last Sunday

And I’m lucky when they feel like

I’m the only one

I cum outside because I hope a plant will grow

Pixie dick

Can you call a ‘post’ collection without the js file - will it just render the temp?

You can argue anything with logic

Socrates elevator

Bottomless drinks for Ben button


Acting like an asshole

Cause that’s how you achieve greatness

The blank slate sisters

Use dads guitar for intro to film- a ups driver is playing guitar in his bedroom

His mam shouts in the background “son you’re going to be late for work!”

He sighs and puts on his ups hat


You’d be my everything,

If you were the last person in the world

Naiant audio

Pzm mics

You may not be able to walk

But hell yo can talk

I need a map because I am lost I am lost

Where’s Google maps because I am lost I am lost

talk shop with dad over rebel yell

Advice from him is to get a job get a job no!

Sunday comes and I’m strung out

Go see mother and do a puzzle


I fall in love every night

Hedonistic tendencies, butch justhave sex with me

Concert mate mg-1

Apply to hacker school

5 improvisations

Chapter on synthesis and

Sales soundcloud

Dan deacon- America

Slomo- bad vibes

Made in heights -

Braids- lemonade

1215 river street

Mike Ruther Ford Acting very strange

My name is Michael betts and I’ve had sex 11 times

Shady boys

Everyone is just waiting for someone to talk about

Mailman deliver the news



Kevin crumb

Adam James


Nick woeben

Stephen de Ropp


White fence


Bilbo you

Fat white family


You get more done


Lee 41 st and sequel

Setup a guy and 2 girls on a blind date, always including Monday references - (or find people that like Seinfeld )


Fuck 2 chains in 2 times

Cause I’ve had sex twice!

Brian its signed paperwork to turn himself into jail for 21 days.

He isn’t going, and instead is going to go bum around Venice beach.

Randy, Brian’s roommate.

He gave me a cigarette


107 peach terrace


Hakuna darling

Get that permission slip

Nc 17 not Disney

Movies about to start

Get on lets get in on lights are dim


Prettier than your average felony


Dress in a dress

And go downtown where my daddy can’t get to me


“You should marry someone like St. Vincent and then divorced her for some weird reason and then marry someone else cooler than her” -chad

Lpaint a picture it will last longer


“you really want to slap that?”

“mistakes save you some times


Sunday candy singing to mama

Eat my face hanabooo

Hitler was a Vogt fat mmeanie Putin and a

You’re a skinny meanie Putin and a


This is how you buy flowers

Why am I in a field

Why am I in a horse troph?

Oh I fell asleep

I fell asleep next to a horse troph in a field

Want to know how this happened

It all started last night

She picked me up in a Mazda 3

We went to 711 and she bought a bottle of ménage a trois (yum, my head hurts gross)

And then we went back to my apartment

When I woke up I saw a daisy

And it reminded me of when I was a kid

When I was 13 I got my mom flowers to Valentine’s Day

I didn’t have any money so I stole them from Walmart

My mom found out I stole them and

Took us both back to Walmart

She had me return the flowers to the manager and she gave me money to buy her flowers

And she said

This is how you buy flowers

Stereo lab French Marxist elevator music


DJ spooky

Boom bap continuum

Lee perry (producer)

Polly phonic spree

Halyson digest album

Grass giraffes-



New vigil

Not looking for hash sheesh


I feel like I’m being marginalized

I fell asleep on a newspaper, and the print stained into my face- the word “marginaliZed”

NSA drone pilot position opens up- a dad is killing people on his laptop while with his family on a nice

I was with my girlfriend about to watch something on Netflix and I was looking at hammocks on Amazon- and one of the recommended purchases was a Novel called “return to bloodfart lake”

My girlfriend said I act so differently, and that I should love her more and stuff

And I said yeah I’ve been drinking about that lately

Man that Wakes up every morning and thinks he’s from the 1920s every morning for 15 minutes

Charles Mingus let my children

The human side of plants royal Dixon

Robert mapplethorp

Poly vinyl label

Of Montreal

Cocteau twins -

Teardrop - massive attack

Mark bell- Bjorkd

Walter Benjamin

The arccaves project

Communication power- book

Gordon pasc

Magnetic fields- I don’t want to get over

Bell Union

Give me some cock

A cocktail

Stand aside genocide

That’s just a cop out

Submit music shit also study for final

Her name was Mercedes, and owns a lot of land in Ventura

Make smokies for Ana

Find Graf school

Homeless garden project

I need to hit or hit on something

Punk rock holds me back

Getting drunk is fun


Robert he inland

The moon is a harsh mistress

Gregorio story m

Maybe every time we blink were dying

Reality is a choice

Hope you’re not cutting yourself short, hope you’re not cutting yourself

Because that wouldn’t be amazing

Sauna the great



So I’m the leader of this ragae group called “German” and I’m super depressed but sing about positive stuff all the time and it’s eating me alive


Plant response - bose


Competition contest application Hackathon

(Who can win a contest first)

+LinkedIn hackathon

People talking weather

Blah blah

You talking about commitment

Blah blah

You talkin about our life

Blah blah

Matt chandler

Be more relatable in lyrics

Get some no dos

Living my life

Trying to find some piece

Brains laughing Buddha and pogo


Waking up hungover and damn I feel terrible

Must’ve been all the prokaryotes

Why your hands so milky?

Why my hands so silly?

22 and nothing to show for it

Except a couple instruments

And life experiences

But experience this

In a waiting room

Waiting on a lover

Oh not its just my hot dentist

Sit back in the chair I can’t relax

Make appt with Seymour

Get Tate for bus session

Today we scout for Sunday

I’ve been sleeping In too late

Negative repercussion of the day is that I was late

My head hurts

Stumbling into the busy people streets

So I walked and I walked and listened

Sitting in signing up and the secretary was overweight

And waiting in that waiting room I thought I’ve been in a waiting room for years

I appointment with my dentist

Remember this mo


Good neighbor policy

Make SF casting account

Jonathan James

Bring SD card to cam


I need help

I need help

H e l p

I need to get adopted

Will you adopt me?

Adopt me please

Happy adoption day

I’ll do all my own dishes

I’ll wash my own clothes! (throw a bunch of clothes in the air)

I’ll play hide and seek (duck head under Jessica’s loft bed)

I’ll dance to any music you like!

I won’t mate it but I’ll date it!

Please pay for all my stuff

Dad? Daddy?

It’s just another man in the street

It’s just another teddy bear in a field.

Downtown “daddy?” “Dad?”


Contact Steven

Contact Tate

Contact Greig

Contact Dennis




Local artists

Vagina ludwigia


“I love my hair so much more now that I cut it” – Tyler Smit

“If I go to Africa, I’m going to get so fucking good at hand drums” – Matt

I’ve been drinking about that

Hey last night was great, next time let’s use clean flyswatters. Haha.m

Mixing secrets for the small studio

Point blank school

Sweetlang on band camp

The feeleies

Galaxy 500

Television personalities


The plasterer of love

SLC punk the film

Adam ant

I only move for money -


Drink a ménage a trois m

Bop it batteries

New media and electronic music

I’m whelmed

You have sex with an alien and then afraid of commitment at Area 51

11/11/14 Before I leave:

Before I leave:

Get tacks



11/10/14 - as an old man

As an old man

We walk along the beach

Complaining about Sam in our feet

I write you a letter

Tell you to get better

But you won’t

Spaceship lands to a party

I take you to a party

You want to get naughty

Your addictions in the backseat

Leave your addictions behind

Withnoll and I

Bittersweet symphony

Tweens doing ecstasy

Birds know little

Limp dick intro

Ring ring ring ring

A: not home, too busy

Fridy night

11/10/14 - 28664


Chronic album


Sylvan esso


Sea and cake

Fox js

Sampler midi bopit!b


Watch citizen 4 snowden doc

Aaron Schwartz doc too

“I’m going to be all of your stuff” – Bonnie while on her p

Sweet Valley eternal champions

10/28/14 - new


I’ve worked white collar

I’ve worked blue collar

But I’ve never come home to you

Twinkle twinkle

Little hoes

Paint your face and get real old

The things we choose to care about in life

Is the most important thing in life

“I feel the spirit and the lord!” Someone who just becomes religious

Heinz Von forester


Sometimes I feel like a fifteen year old girl

Write things about the constraints about biology

I get horny

I get hungry


And sad

Iterative universe

Famous and Andy

One foot in the grave

I was in gym class and there was a being with a foam pit underneath, and I can walk across the bridge

Delia Derbyshire

Orson Welles


Car talk

Where am I?


Isis edm thing

Maybe numbers station

Dress for less

Remember you’re blessed

Give homeless men things

Cause they don’t dress to impress

“I feel so dramatic whenever I’m walking on the bridge” –Lindsey

I like you because you’re better than me

Hugh Hefner mansion , playboy bunnies and then the motion sensor feeds them crossants




I’ve worked white and blue collar

I’ve been a janitor and a lawyer

But I’ve never been with

So go put on my sweater

As long as we don’t of the weather

And instead play footsies in a church pew

Me twin sister meet the :-(



Midnight madness

Don’t allow your workplace to be an excuse to exist

“The gummy juice is hurting my penis!” – jack

Kill to kill


229 buena vista

Story about a man meeting a girl and them having a 12 hour conversation- and he commissions for her to make the album art for a film he is making. She comes to him after a long time, and comes back with just a circle, painted in red, on a fading canvas

“What is this?” He asked. The woman replied that all his advanced plot lines, stabbings, explosions, and romances in his film were all essentially regurgitations of the same theme- life. This had not occurred to the man before, he subconsciously made this


cant sleep for some reason just found cool shit on the net but wait ok

final tagging document masterlist

mp - mans perspective

f2s - feet to something


now im thinking about how I could like i need to like umm like i was NO YOU SPEAK YUP BROHA

just trying to stick to my WAT -

think smart michael master doc you ment

you cant sleep or think straight after a nice healthy fast long productive day ? keep working .

how many hours / days will it take before they notice there’s a dent in the vodka how can I raise the funds to replace it I dont even drink much I just like a good second wind with dinner like the rest of us J E S U S only the insecure can judge so harsh as I speak with little security

and you YUO

WEATHERSPOON == 2 pound beers walamrt of pubs in uk

How Coke Sobers You

2019-07-12 20:13:35 -0700 -0700

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