Sunday 1155 AM


Earth Day!!!! Today’s goal is to get the laser cutting going.

Yesterday we debuted art party and it was kinda hilarious.

Sunday 3:50 PM

In Babayaga practice.

  • the part

celia is stabbed then it goes

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

desert insect type beat – Sequence:

1- Ecstatic intro

2- Dance 2 - Simone’s poem

transisitons to

the point where katie is sining about fire, sisters, and the moon, to the point where

( stab )

transition to

Cali transition to cat lady screeching

to the ressurection scene

to power woman

yu ululating

3- Tell me I have a problem

- into the yelling

Emily kind - distance


sunday 919 pm


excellent dinner

=-==–=-=-=-==–==–==–==–=-==-=-= =-==–=-=-=-==–==–==–==–=-==-=-= =-==–=-=-=-==–==–==–==–=-==-=-= =-==–=-=-=-==–==–==–==–=-==-=-= =-==–=-=-=-==–==–==–==–=-==-=-= =-==–=-=-=-==–==–==–==–=-==-=-= =-==–=-=-=-==–==–==–==–=-==-=-= =-==–=-=-=-==–==–==–==–=-==-=-= =-==–=-=-=-==–==–==–==–=-==-=-=

(android jones kids aesthetic)

Kid Wizard and the little woke that could

he awoke by the bus stop

he woke

Well your parents are always last to pick you up, so you’re little woke

jacod loves it when I do - [ ]

mrs babscock barely teaches us.

she does but we talk

kid 2: mrs. jones barely teaches us.

kid: yeah it’s messed up.

kid 3: It’s cause we’re always talking

Kid 1:

Kid: my parents are always last to pick me up.

wizard: that means you’re a little woke

why is he upstairs?

he’s feeling it.

dad’s feeling it.


little woke


Monday 12 AM

going over tape with Nick

OMG we are sitting on gold.

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar

Girl get on my calendar please



PBD - relaxation night:

intro - national poetry month announcement - everything you hear, was recorded since our conversation. - because I need to earn it if I’m going to meet Nikki Silva.

I didn’t want to tell you

But I have a music invention thing I really want to finish and release as an open source project.

And I spent the last 6 months producing and acting in an original play written by one of my best friends. We performed it for two nights in the bay.

=–==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–= =–==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–= =–==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–=

So tonight, we have a very special episode for you.

Tonight’s episode is dedicated to Sean,

I scooted up to you on bicycle day.

I think a 3 point strategy,


calming the intellectual mind,

and know your beat,

is how I would want to relax.

Oh and everything you hear tonight, has been recorded after our conversation last Thursday.

I’m saying all this audio is FRESH OFF THE PRESSSSSSSSSS

Well except for 2 things, can you guess what those are?

Oh and just a heads up, it’s ‘national poetry month’ too just incase you didn’t know.

You’re in the passenger seat with Michael Betts and Niko Kush.

=–==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–= =–==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–= =–==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–=

Monday 438 PM

Poem to Sean:

{ blow into harmonica }

Update: Niko and I are at the top of a tree.

I would like to end this episode of pale blue dot,

by telling you what I do to relax.

I climb trees

  • Here with a special poem I wrote for you Sean.

Do you have a piano I can sample?

In the spirit of national poetry month, I wrote you a poem sean

It’s called kid wizard and the little woke that could:



the most relaxing part of being here

in the tree

you get adrenaline at first

this is a poem

the world is my stage, though I feel more a prop

this project was made to show you

what is in your backyard

the people in your forests,

the music around you,

and what I can do with a little help from friends

I’m addicted and I hate to admit and as undeserving as I am

I need you Sean

I need your help

I need your help now

I am tired

I’m a data junky, but hate mansplaining

I like to assume that people are smart

That’s why I like to record other people, because they have really valuable data and experiences that I can’t have.

I am tired of debt

I am tired of not knowing how to pay for tomorrow

I need a mentor

I need a guru

so sean, grasshopper my grasshopper

I speak to you in total confidence incompetent

pool go go girl went postal in my post office

I ask for you help

in making me pay rent with media.

-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-==-=- -=-=-=-=-==-=-=-==-=- -=-=-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-

There are few times that I ask for help

My tongue a blunt tool,

=–=-= =–=-= =–=-= =–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-=

and before I LEAVE:

  • order train ticket
  • clean room

at the top

-=-=–=-==- -=-=–=-==- -=-=–=-==- -=-=–=-==- -=-=–=-==- -=-=–=-==- -=-=–=-==- -=-=–=-==- -=-=–=-==- -=-=–=-==-

I spent the last six months producing and acting in an original play. You know the video game the Sims?

It was called the Sims’s Sim’s and is a comedy dealing with whether or not we are in a simulation.

If you’d like to see the other projects I’m working on,

A game of show and tell

You tell me

and I’ll show you

Let me show you Can I show you the state of my music invention?

I need a mentor

Well a mentor as in I need 2 meals and a cot for three months and I think I can finish a road worthy version. I have most of the pieces, all I need is time.

Please help me earn my rent though media work. Please support pale blue dot.

I think the most valuable parts of society are in the cracks.

I am dedicated to doing that

Finding the most profound in early day life, with every community I can.

I am religiously

Studies show that community, and people are the strongest ties. This tape at times can serve as evidence for me

-=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=- -=-==–=-=-==–=-

They are are in the There is no lack of value in the cracks

I showed you what was in your backyard, your woods,

I showed you a little more candid version of what your students actually talk about outside of academia

You confirmed in me that even the highest


lookup john fahey

LYRICS: from acid sock to bach

Tuesday 254 AM

Labrynth (A sinister tale with E o ):

|| slow n groovy || - == minor ||

  • Intro 7 8 time for 4 bars.
  • |FMaj7 |Dbmaj9 |Abmaj9 | Bb13 |


  • A Section: 8 bars A (repeats once) Bb-7 | Eb13 | Bb-69 | Eb7b9

|F-9 Dbmaj7 C-7 Abmaj7 | G-9 Csus9| |F#7#9
- Amaj7 B/dim7 Bbmaj7

  • B Section: 68 for 4 bars.
  • Bb/dim9 Amaj7 B/dim7 Bbmaj7 Dbmaj7 Bbmaj7 Fmaj7 Dbmaj7 Abmaj7 Bb13 Bb-9 Eb9#11 Bb -69 Eb13b9 F-9 Dbmaj9 Emaj7 F#7 Bmaj9/C#11

be, be my own my own virgin mary be my lit ass PUSSY TONIGHT I know I got no chance because I’m not a man I’m just a lil (distoriented, crazy )

I’m all at sea show and tell

Homies With Ameet And Hunter AND EARTH DAY

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