Finally have a permanent (ish) spot!

What’s a perm to a cancer patient?

Anyways This is officially day one of moving in,

I swept the floors, the fan, the walls, the mantle. I wiped the floors while H did the windows. We listened to jonwayne and now have progressed to some wonderful ambient stuff I don’t know the name of. What started out with worries and storms has now calmed, the moby dick drawing H printed at the UCSC Library years ago is on the wall. The room came white, with two windows, and two white bookcases. I’m fasting today


|| Organizing sound library. H is pissed cause I don’t wanna go over to Pandora’s || But we just got an amber alert about COVID19 and I’m not scared I just wanna be a least sick as possible.

So when you have a destiny, that's infinite.
Your body dies, but your destiny lives on.
So why have to do lists?
Fuck the lists
but if I had a list
it would take the infinite and make
it into small discrete activities.
Life has so much to give you
Time has too much to give you
Time gives you activities
Life gives you you

So goals for this quarantine life
release 100 tracks alright

then 1000 videos
what's a video

whats a series
when the hardest part is starting

H isn’t talking to me so life’s badbadnotgood I guess. That’s the price of getting work done. She’s gonna vibe out and have a nice time tonight. I better make sure I do the same lol. jonwayne breaks and producer cap on. The laptop in on the mantle. The mantle is the standup desk.

Greenwhich TIME

Vanilla 9AM

Showdown 5PM

Remix 12AM

^^ But really, how do you make somethign infinite, discrete? Look at me that’s this. ||

Homeless With a Home Season Finale

2020-03-17 15:08:06 -0400 EDT

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