A lot has happened since the last log.

IDK how long it’s been 1-2 weeks? Been filming a lot on this canon camcorder I blew all my money on after granny gave me some for helping pack up this entire christmas tree she won at the sm mall. She won everything under it and theres this lantern style huge light in my room now from that, I just want to take the glitter off the damn thing.

Used this yoga block bonnie got me a lot last night, working on getting better posture for the new year. I wanna burn my smoking paraphernalia as well but we’ll get to that.

There’s sort of no need I’m running out anyways. And I should use it in moderation like a good genius would. But what material gains would you get being such a rusty duck when it comes to not smoking and vice versa? Smoking and not smoking and bouncing between ping pong style.

What’re you reading? I got lost in listening to Chomsky and Joni Mitchell past few days.

Hiatus From Hiatitcus

2019-12-29 09:24:07 -0800 -0800

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