We don't have much time

hello hello

We dont have much time

Quick what can I do before I have to shit eat fuck or sleep?

ok self reported victim of my own biology student here

I’m just trying to figure this out

and I can explain,

but it will take some time

because the messages are coming intermittendtly

and I need to shit

and I’m sleepy

and I”m shaking

and I’m hyper

and we don’t have much time

if you are hearing this message


Welcome to pale blue . fm

an open source 24 7 internet radio station

free media for the people

thats good for you

All of us

all of us

all of us

all of us

so lets look a little deeper

on this day


on this next time

on this day

camera swap to table

from a book

a remixed book

that starts with a quote

from the magnifying glasss

checkout this magnifying glass I made

its a special one

and it helps us see

from here we can see all of humanity here

ok ENHANCE !!!!! ! Cuts to ENCHANCE.wav

Welcome to a handwritten journey

The journey begins….now!

HUMU for 15 minutes.


2021-07-31 16:47:10 -0400 EDT

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