Craig Mic in NY!

my brain is sand
my sand was brain
sand won
brain done


In a cash only place but luckily I just had 1 dollar lol. Updating LinkedIn so I can apply for Vice, and I guess anything else in the Brooklyn area? My damn back is still hurting but I just put lidocaine on in the bathroom that Andre lent me and sitting in a place in Chicago called Reno.

Craig was extremely generous and straight balled out on taking me out all of upper west side and Chelsea. I was real glad to go because the pale blue dot media internship I applied for is in Chelsea. I doubt I’ll get it though. I’m just going to spend the rest of back recovery time on getting more applications out, and today I logged into linkedIn for the first time in idk how many years, 3? I mean I turn 28 next month, I better start acting like it! Playing more sets, less manic blog posts, more and more and more self control in a childlike productive way. Ha. We’ll see.

\ || From female founders to founders follies || \

-=-=- Hello Andrew, thanks for buying my album! <3 <3 <3 How are you? Are you still in Santa Cruz? How’s life? What’re you working on?

I’m not sure what you think of me but I swear I’ve calmed down quite a bit :) - I’m in Chicago now but moving to Brooklyn in 2 weeks and I know you worked in NY for a while so if you’re visiting, or have any recommendations of places to go, or know anyone that I should meet, I’d love to know! You were a great influence on me during my undergrad years at UCSC, and I will never forget our talk about the early internet and Noam Chomsky.

Sincerely, Michael


Heaven Is a Delia on 94th and Broadway

2020-03-02 11:27:57 -0600 -0600

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