Saturday 344 PM

Just wasted an hour with Chase, almost opened an account. Doordashed early into the morning last night, will do again tonight. Then I will be on the first caltrain in the city, and will try to scoot n dash for the day. Hope the orders are fat :D

Noname on blast @ this starbucks

Quick TOFO TO DO :

Get contacts imported on new Phone
catchup on audio debt

PBD TODO: setup social media accounts press kit audio recipes template for first show make list of venues ++ people to hit up

Saturday 717 PM

@ starbucks again. Doordash has been sweet, but slow. Tomorrow I’m going to wake up early, rent a scoot in SF and work it all day. Had a short workout sauna at the Y after working. Signed up for daily pay. It’s been about 10 days without any nicotine!!! The taste is still present.

Met a guy Michael whose a climate consultant for foo companies. He jizzed when I mentioned my radio show at stanford. Most people do and it feels dirty. I try not to emphasize it. There’s a meeting on Tuesday night at the station, where I’ll find out when I get a show slot. I haven’t been there a while so I’m not getting any special favors, but I did request pretty much any night inbetween 10pm-2AM. Then I’m allowed to curse. Tonight I’m going to prep a little thing for Brian, we’re going to record a little bit tomorrow.

Doing doordash has provided terrible pay so far, the app texted me saying there’s high demand in San Mateo yet I haven’t recieved any orders in almost 2 hours. But now I can continue my career. It begins with palebluedawt. Hmmm I’ll have to drive into SF tomorrow early, for the 6:30 AM shift. The earliest Caltrain is 9:39 on Sundays.

I almost went to SC but need to work. There’s nothing like having nothing but 11 bucks in your pocket and a jar of almond butter for the immediate future. In order to master my career, I need to master these rituals. Meditate, read, write, write music, and The dance of Tape. The Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything has been my only salvation the past three days, with the exception of Brian and Zo’s acting.

While inside another gas station, I appreciated the many different flavors of life I’ve lived. At times it may seem like I haven’t travelled much, therefore have not lived enough, but sober me disagrees. I have seen and done a lot, and it shows. No one can seem to keep up. Yet again with a new project, I’m willing to take it to the end. Every time it feels like the last time I’ll be here:

here==broke and passionate about
a creative project without
a business plan out;

But PaleBlueDawt is my most cool project. And I got a business plan.

Sat 804 PM

My mom called. My mood was killed when she agreed that I couldn’t come back home. She doesn’t use me as an asset and instead treats me like a parasite. She comes off as sick, miseducated, and loopy. Yet she loves me dearly, something I cannot question. Every conversation with her is a painstaking crawl through halfhearted financial advice and defeated coach. And, she doesn’t give a shit about climate change! 🤣😎🌍🔥

Tonight the passions run high, I will work as late as I possibly can.

Alright I’m a little high. I can feel it. I ate just a 10 mg lozenge.

Paying off my tape debt right now. Fuck I accidently updated my phone. It’s not on the wifi and is out of data. It’s interesting to note that poliwat has all this cringy emo stuff, while my life is the polar opposite. There’s therapy in venting through written word, and with Naomi Klein in my ears, there’s much to vent. Hopefully I make it. Ahahahah who am I kidding, I know for a fact that I will make it. I need to be more relentless though. One task at a time. The rituals begin.

Instead of smoking a stoge. write anon an anon letter, or draw anon an anon picture.

AMBER ALERT for a new Trap song.

A Segment called Amber Alert, when you know

Tonight, the following needs to happen:

workflow defined for PBD|undone

Ahahaha just found out Pale Blue Dot is going to be a film starred by Natalie Portman. Perfect. We’ll stream a remix on twitch.

846 pm

Real productive on Audio debt. Slicing workflow

Audio works in stages :

  1. Tape Collection
  2. Tape Extraction {extract just what I want, hack away the rest (STOP SAVING BAD TAPE FOR later )} 3.

When you’re dealing with the amounts of audio I’m dealing with, there needs to be a recipe.


Gladly deleting hours of freestyle tape from the past few weeks.

poliwat live on!!! in the dumping grounds

fuck you hahahaha I can write whatever I want here, without guard or reguard.

Sat 952 pm

dumb starbucks is closing == back to jack’s house. Not a single order ! !




my mama replaced me with 3 cats
a Chihuahua I wanna hit with a baseball bat

Suprised I’m not getting any orders not a single order here.

but got a lot of audio work done!

This needs to be the new habit to build up again, building my sound library / sound map

whose going to hear this

just me ?

just you

when you record someone you have a 1% chance they will say one of the most profound things in their lives.

Sunday 105 AM

Got a lot done. Feels good. Considering sleeping in my car for the night but nah, I’ll drive up early in the morning or something, depending on the scoot schedule.

they’re playing scatman on the projector

bullit told me a crazy spiritual story

tuesday 1040 PM

Heads Or Chasing Tail Or Chasing Tails

2018-01-13 15:43:38 -0800 -0800

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