Smoked a joint last night. It was the first time in 11 days

Tuesday 11 43 AM

On a plane to Chicago with my dad. Then we’re catching a flight to Marquette, Michigan.

This flight is all about organizing my sound library, and sharing some secret sound.

###This is more for Bonnie | family data sheet | dad’s side - Michigan

Dad’s dad was born in ‘Municin’

Tuesday 638 PM On the final flight, heading from Chicago to Marquette. Everyone is so nice on this plane and I’m learning a lot about local spots to hit up. My new agenda includes investigating a 4 mile nature hike, as well as

Munising bay

Sentence Refugee (ahahah I think it autocorrected) && the lower harbor landmark, there’s a bunch iron ore jutting out of the rock or something.

We got an air bnb, the letter my dad left:

dad’s parents met at the landmark in (1931 or 32) @ like 16

Heading To Michigan

2017-08-01 11:42:55 -0700 -0700

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