Trial by fire, red my face.


|| wowowowowowowoowwowowwowoowwoowowowo can’t write my dad’s dead I’m homeless || applying to anything today in CL in NY

The following is an email from the past, composed on January 17, 2016. It is being delivered from the past through Dear FutureMe, Dear FutureUs Hey, bonnie and helica, bonnie and helica here Working at sans, about to hit Harry’s Normal Saturday shizzzzz

Predictions for Jan 17th 2020 Well first off, we’re both dead Paul has killed himself- bonnie is certain of this If bonnie is not dead, then paul is alive. Bonnie and paul have adopted Danny. Although now that she’s had Will, she’s like “omg :/” not too certain she can handle a kid/ Danny/ anyone. Shes more than likely quit her elementary school job, she didnt really want it in the first place. She’s in it for the hours. Bons and paul have vacay’d in Russia at least once.

Helica has gone somewhere far away from here and has enjoyed the sunny beaches on an island. She has warmed up to the idea that cat’s really aren’t that bad. Also, that her little brother, Michael is not that bad…And at times, very funny. Oh wait. Shes already to that point. Now she hates Michael (Betts) ((She made me correct that and called me stupid for not adding his last name. PMS queen.)) instead. Understandable.

Michael Betts has broken up with Asha. Bonnie cant really see that lasting. He needs someone that he’s not codependent with. He needs to get out of Santa Cruz. He’s having a hard time there. Once he’s older and smarter and out of SC, he’ll be more himself and able to be happy.

Bonnie predicts that her father will be passed. He’s lived a full life, but an unhealthy one at that. He had a crazy childhood, he really “went for it” according to bonnie. And she found his anger funny. So there is that. ex: michael decided not to go somewhere with him, bonnie knew nothing of it, shes just sitting in here room. he comes is and he’s like “something blah blah blah, CAUSE MICHAEL’S NOT FUCKING GOING!!!!!!!!” and she was like “What?”

Helica thinks Michael will still be getting over Rebeccah. Going to be alone for a long time. He holds on to hope. Even if it”s not the best situation for him. Helica thinks he will not uber across america, hopefully he’ll be done with hancock, he will probs have a trade job. He will have moved out of his parents house. Gabe will still be out of the country and hopefully has not been eaten alive, by bed bugs. Geez.

Write that, Bonnie added reluctantly. Helica would like to visit her friend Simone. It’s 12 now. Many intreludes uke style. More than anytinhg, we just want to be dead. On to the next. Over this livfe. It’s pointless anyway. Just know if I am dead “Helidca” I lived a happy and fullfilled life. Please don’t be sad. It’s bett4r this way. That’s the end of the story.

Peace up. A-town Down.


leg keeps twitching? pulsating? what does it mean?! Just got back from marta’s BDAY, becca got me a ride back, nice 50 50 split of assholes and kind people in NY, I’m 3 for 3 tonight. All of becca’s film friends were real nice and accommodating.

If Dyson was actually genius innovation, they’d end poverty instead of make modular vacuums and bladeless fans. If you think that’s innovative, kys.

apes dont kill apes but humans make sure you’re homeless

… likes their apples sweet

Gustavias BnB

2020-01-28 13:55:34 -0500 EST

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