wedsedat 324 pm

nothing smart to say right now

just woke up and showered - was up real late at the radio station. drove home in the morning. Darlene and I picked up my phone from cam!

the name of this day should be finally submitting to google

wed 428 PM

alright damn Im still depressed I hate it but love it - had a good feels thread on 4chan //

cleaning mah room officialllly and going to make a beat on the side while doing so.


  • laundry
  • finish resume
  • call SC bookshop
  • meet with mun for pbd
  • clean bathroom
  • set BOTW imgs

I am a strange loop 2 youtubes at the same time 2 beats at the same time


cause Im corny n horny


cause your boring n stony

1 thing in common I got greens

hiphop is a black music hands down I dont make hiphop I make szhizop hands up dick up head up fuck you

its hard to stay focuses man

Google Michael Betts

2018-08-15 15:24:33 -0700 -0700

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