Saturday 504 PM

Cash flow is good

on a train

I love good old slow old amtrak

I haven’t done a solid update in a while -


went from trimming in boulder creek, to lasering @NB, to meeting up with Manny at 2:30 AM and hanging out with him until 5, then sleeping in my car, then hitting NB all day, then Y session with Jack, then drove to Avery’s, we practiced our set, smoked and took choomies for our live performance on day of noise. We worked the mixing boards together under the profound wisdom of smurph. Got a piece of wood from my new boss Bob (whom I fucking LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) to laser cut, then found a log in a dumpster on the way over, and made him and his wife a little coaster thing.

Bouncing tape right now. Luvin this old piano tape I got. Damn the sound library provides.

Borrowing a sweet book by asimov on understanding physics, I want to do a physics ep on _PBD

PBL == PaleBlueLaser PBH == PaleBlueHackerspace; PBR == PaleBlueRadio


Sat 553 PM

Sun is setting over the mountains. I feel amazing.

Lethal Mike === 4800 cash, 30 tabs

so lethalMike480030

this is an AJ but its all about fuck you,

I don’t need to upload secret tracks thats a waste of energy

I’ll just release good shows and mostly write about what’s going down clown.


Could’ve gotten so much good tape

there’s great fucking tape over a poker game right now in the lounge car. I could’ve gotten such good fucking shit at kzsu but GOD FUCKING DAMN IT

Well all I can do is charge my batteries and keep collecting good tape. Two facts help; first that the sound library always provides, and second, there’s no shortage of good tape. Just battery and memory.

Alright my brain is giving up so I think I’ll move to the Sims Sims (maybe I can sneak a J at the next stop AHAHA )

Goodbye Mirage Hello Cash

2018-02-10 15:58:16 -0800 -0800

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