1010 sat am

in an air bnb cabin

Sunday 729 PM

Drove from talent oregon to davis - b and I are setup for a work session on the bed. I cracked the seal on some tom waits she bought in oregon and its cozy as all hell in here.

An important thing to remember is sort of the time limit on things creatively. You can get a task done but there’s some sort of arbitrary timer that you can know innately depending on the task about how long you could spend on a certain creative task.

For example, in uploading my beats to youtube, I want to make a simple logo of poliw.at that is reactive to the music, and then will overlay a fitting pic of one of Ashley’s models. I’ll head to her and Sean’s house later this week.

tomorrow I’m going to crash business associations in Brianna’s law school! I look forward to it as I’ve been missing school lately. mostly the UCSC mchens lib and the recording studios.

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2018-10-21 10:10:00 -0700 -0700

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